Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sights of yosemite

for those of you not into photography of nature please skip to the next post, for those of you not, here are some of the beautiful creations we saw this week at yosemite:

vernal falls, as you can see it is very dry right now. only vernal and nevada falls are flowing:
half dome as the sunsets:
half dome on the far right and the valley below:
some random granite upheavel of which i don't know the name, but it is pretty:
bridalveil falls, the white puff in the center is the "spray" of mist trying unsuccessfully to "flow" off the falls:
el capitan, the largest single monolith of granite in the world (can you imagine rockclimbing that baby?! all 3,593 feet of it):
overlooking the valley from tunnel view turnout with el capitain on the left:
illiloutte creek:
half dome and vernal and nevada falls:
ahh, the beauty of nature at it's best!


Merilee said...


Malia said...

Wow those are some good pictures!!! Wish you were still here... we just got back to California this morning at 6AM! We're 1/2 way home!!!

Darilyn said...

the pictures are beautiful. Now I want to go there!