Friday, August 31, 2007

what are those?

i don't know about you, but getting my children to eat the dinners i prepare is like pulling teeth. i can't tell you how often i hear, "i don't like that!" as they sit down at the table, not even having tried it. other things i hear:
  • "ewww!"
  • "what is that? .... oh, i'm full!"
  • "yuck!"
  • "i don't like chicken!" uh, you just ate chicken last night and you didn't complain!

so, i really look forward to making dinner, as i'm sure you can imagine, and all of the wonderful praise i hear from my children! i can always hope that tonight will be the night that they jump for joy at the prospect of eating my food, right? but 9 times out of 10 i am disappointed, yet again!

well, last night i made pork chops with apple stuffing. it was super tasty, to the adult population in our home, the little people had a different opinion (except kawena, she likes my cooking, for now, at least!)

after dinner, we were headed to the ice cream social at nani's school and the girls knew that in order to get ice cream they had to eat a good dinner. lala was struggling the most to get her pork chop down. we told her she just needed to take a few more bites. she was the last one at the table while we were cleaning up and getting ready to go. i went to check on her and it actually looked like she was doing a pretty good job. i looked at her plate and i saw this:

a little puzzled i asked, "what are those?"

lala answered, "those are the ones i already ate..."


Darilyn said...

lol. Don't you just love that? I've had that experience.

Bridget said...

oh, very familiar. We have a rule here- if you must spit out your food, you must walk over to the garbage can and do it in there.
For the record, I would have loved that dinner you made!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, stop it! I'm dying here. You just described our house.

Rachel's Roost said...

Halarious!!! I hear you. Chandler is the only one who likes my cooking of the little people at our house!

Malia said...

HAHAHA!!! duh mom... the ones I already ate! oh i miss you guys! but love reading the funny stories! Love you!

Michal said...

ok, so i am obviously new to your blog and reading older posts. it is so nice to know that my kids aren't the only one that make dinner time a major negotiation. it's really maddening and i really really hope that they grow out of it and grow up to be foodies instead of picky eaters!