Sunday, December 16, 2007

you what?

lala cracks me up! but this is no surprise to anyone who knows this second daughter of ours! she definitely got the entertaining/funny gene!

yesterday, i was making a very nutritious dinner of chicken nuggets and fries for the girls when i hear lala groaning in the other room. then i hear a very urgent yelp, it was a very strange sound. lala comes and stands in the hallway to the kitchen holding a tissue and she has a very scared look on her face and close to tears.

me (very concerned): lala what's wrong?

lala: i have food in my nose!

me (wondering if i had heard her right): you have food in your nose??!

lala (almost crying): yes!

me: well, how did it get there? did you put it up there?

lala: nods her head

me (trying hard not to laugh): why did you do that?

lala: shrugs her shoulders with a sheepish look on her face

i proceed to try and get the fruity cheerio out of her nose with my pinkie nail, only to have it get pushed further back into her nostril. so, i grab the next best thing for extracting cheerios out of noses...a toothpick!

me: lala don't sniff in! blow out!

thankfully, without doing further damage to her cute little nose i successfully removed the cheerio. but i had to make sure...

me: so, are you going to put food in your nose anymore?

lala: no!

unfortunately, lala would not let me take a picture of her during this whole ordeal! no amount of bribery would change her mind! dang it!!


Malia said...

Hahah! So did you ever find out WHY she put the cheerio in her nose? Yeah too bad she wouldnt let you snap a few quick shots!

Bridget said...

That is so funny! And no, not surprised at all.

Becca said...

When we were little my brother Nick stuck a pea up his nose. We were all sitting around the dinner table and couldn't figure out where he was. He had been hiding because he was embarrased. My mom and Dad kept shoving that thing farther up his nose everytime they tried to get it. I think he finally blew it out. Hee Hee. I had to use tweezers to get something out of Tyler's nose before. I don't remember what it was though. Being a Mom is never dull.

Danielle said...

isn't it funny that once kids stop sticking everything in their mouths, they find other places to put it. growing up our family had a similar story.

and it's good to know that other moms fix their kids nutrious meal of chicken nuggets and fries every once in awhile.

Merilee said...

I stuck a little piece of styrofoam up my nose when I was little. I never got it out. To this day, I blame all my mental problems on styrofoam. I'm just saying it's a good thing you got that cheerio out!

Elizabeth said...

Too funny! Poor Lala's nose. So far we've escaped the food up the nose thing, but I'm sure the time will come soon! We're trying to work on the don't-pick-your-boogers! :-)

Katie Smith said...

Too bad Lala wouldn't let you take a picture, that would have been awesome to see. Poor girl. I sent you an email about your camera. Totally interested!

Sarah said...

hahaha! Im glad you got it out w/ot going to the doctor. My older brother was taken to the doctors twice to remove food from places, it shouldn't be.

He stuck a bean up his nose.
He put tick tacks in his ear.

I hope this is the first and the last for you.