Wednesday, December 26, 2007

one carrot each!

can i just tell you how much i love nani and lala?! they put the biggest smile on my face the night of christmas eve.

that night before bed, nani and lala were too busy to sit and listen to mitch read twas the night before christmas. he waited and waited, but they still would not go sit by him on the couch. finally, he just read it out loud so they could hear the story while they sat huddled around the desk, busily working.

just before we went up to tuck the girls in to bed, this is what they laid out for santa:

so that you can understand the importance of every item in this picture, because they put a lot of careful thought into this, let me walk you through it.

first, we have some instructions for santa regarding the carrots...

they are for the reindeer, but santa you must make sure that the reindeer ONLY get 1 carrot each!

next, we have this lovely card written by nani ("santa look in the mitl ther is a pictur. and look on the back.")

and illustrated by lala. this is nani standing by the christmas tree.

now, this blank card (circled in red) was for santa, just in case he had time to write a little note to them thanking them for all the goodies they left for him.

but, in order for santa to write said note, he would need sharpie markers. i tell ya, these girls think of everything, don't they?!

and last, (it's hard to see in this picture) wrapped around the santa mug full of egg nog, nani made a bracelet out of beads for santa!

and santa's response???

that will just have to wait...the camera battery died!! arrgggh!!

to be continued....


Danielle said...

what sweet girls! It is always so fun to see kids excited on Christmas Eve.

Malia said...

How cute! They are so thoughtful!!! Love you see you soon! And cant wait!

Darilyn said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Elizabeth said...

Very thorough! That's so cute.

Katie Smith said...

What thoughtful little girls you have. I'm anxious to see Santa's response!

Rachael said...

This takes me back to the days my kids left long letters to Santa and the tooth fairy. One year Santa left foot prints by the fireplace.