Saturday, December 15, 2007

o tannenbaum

for those of you who have been waiting, i finally took pictures of our decorated christmas tree! i think all in all, mitch ended up putting 1200 lights on our 10 foot tree!! wow! that's a lot of lights! it sure is brilliant! mitch keeps telling everyone that we don't need to use any other lights. just turn on the christmas tree and it gives off enough light to cook by and eat dinner by!

after our annual ornament discussion, we decided to try purple and gold this year! i wasn't sure how the two would look together, but it actually turned out very nice!

the night we decorated, i don't know why, but it took us until 10 or 11 at night to get all the decorations on and to put out our snow village. here are the girls in the pj's enjoying the decorating process. if you'll notice the bottom 2 feet of the tree is pretty bare! kawena has actually been surprisingly good about the tree. she loves to look at it and every once in awhile she forgets the tree is not for touching. we'll quickly remind her and she'll step back and just look!

here's the tree at night. mitch played around with the aperature and shutter speed to get these two very different exposures of the tree!

here you can get an idea of just how bright 1200 christmas tree lights are! the reason it takes that many lights is because mitch meticulously wraps the lights around every branch of the tree all the way to the trunk! i love the effect!

we really could eat dinner by tree light! so romantic!!


Amanda said...

Your tree is beautiful. Love the ornament pictures too. Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth said...


Mandy said...

WOW!! that is one bright tree. I bet its even more beautiful in person.

Malia said...

WOW!!! nice job mitch! Thats gotta be the brightest tree i've ever seen!

Dustin & Camila said...

Mitch is my tree-hero. A big Tim Allen style HWOGH-HWOGH to him!

Merilee said...

Every time I close my eyes, I'm seeing millions of little white lights! Not really. I love it it's gorgeous. I wish I had the patience to do that.

Katie Smith said...

Great pictures! I love the color scheme. Mike might die if I suggested purple for our tree (for some reason he's way anti purple), but I bet he could be convinced otherwise by looking at these pictures.

Oh, our tree has pretty much NO ornaments on the bottom 2 feet of the tree. I tried, and within 10 minutes of the tree being up Jack had brought me every ornament saying, "ball!" Needless to say, we had to rearrange things a little bit.