Friday, December 21, 2007

it's about time!

do you remember this post? well, i went out that very day to nordstrom rack to buy up the whole store's supply of their it, diva jeans in my size. remember!?

well, they didn't have anymore, but assured me they would be getting more. they get a new truck in everyday! they told me to just call beforehand and they could check to see if they had some in stock! brilliant!

so, for the past month i have been stalking the store several times a week, harassing them with my weekly calls! each time i called i would ever so slightly change my voice so they wouldn't recognize me! i swear i spoke to the same lady at least four times! she was probably thinking, "oh, it's the diva chick! we still don't have them! stop harassing us!" but, of course, customer service oriented as she was, she wouldn't say that to me. i know she was thinking it as she pleasantly told me, yet another time, that they still did not have my jeans!! i can't blame her, i mean, i was starting to get annoyed by me!

well, today was the day!! i called and it was a girl i had never spoken to before. she put me on hold.... she picked up the phone and she said the words i had been waiting to hear for the last month, "yes, we have them. would you like me to put them on hold for you?"

unbelieving and wanting to make sure i heard her right i asked, "are they diva?"

nordstrom rack girl: "yes, they are the diva style."

me: "how many do you have?"

nrg: "i only saw this one."

me (disappointed, yet jubilant at the same time): "i'm on my way!"

now, i'm just trying to figure out how long i should wait until i start calling again!


tutu lady said...


tutu lady said...
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Darilyn said...

That is awesome! I'm so glad you got another pair.

Becca said...

You are so funny! I am glad that you found another pair. One just isn't enough

Bridget said...

Good for you!

Elizabeth said...

Only one! The quest continues. :-)

Merilee said...

The only way to get what you want is to harass. That's what I always say!

Mike Smith said...

Yeah, I'm glad they had some...okay...ONE pair for you. Maybe they'll get a bunch more after Christmas.

Katie Smith said...

oops, I just noticed that I was logged in as Mike when I posted my comment. Didn't mean to throw you off, Mike is not that interested in your jean quest, sorry!