Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"national treasure: book of secrets" movie review

so, did you know that the movie national treasure: book of secrets is coming out on friday?

mitch and i really enjoyed the first national treasure movie, in fact we own it on dvd. it was very refreshing to see a funny, entertaining, suspenseful, action movie that was clean, for a change.

so, when we heard there was going to be a second movie, we were very excited! when i got us FREE tickets, popcorn and drinks to a private pre-screening of the movie i was even more excited (i kept it a surprise from mitch. did i mention he hates surprises? so it was fun for me, but not so much for him! but he forgave me!)! it was hard for me to contain my excitement, which probably just infuriated mitch even more because he had no clue where we were going!

i had never been to a private pre-screening of any movie, and we loved it! we felt so important and special!

we give it 2 thumbs up! if you enjoyed the first one you will enjoy this one! it was entertaining, exciting, funny, adventurous, and it was clean!

go see it!


Bridget said...

How fun! Thanks for the review. Nathan's horrible with surprises too. It drives him nuts! Makes it so fun, no?

Katie Smith said...

Ooh, I'm glad you and Mitch got to go see this movie. Mike and I have been wondering if it was going to be any good. We also loved the first installment, but you know how sequels can be so we were a bit reluctant to go see this one. However, based on your recommendation I think we'll see it!

How fun to go to a pre-screening. I'd feel pretty darn special too.

Danielle said...

Ryan and I are so excited for this movie too! We loved the first one, too! Glad to hear it is "date night" worthy.

A pre-screening sounds like so much fun, and what a fun surprise.

Amanda said...

Bryan and I can't wait for the movie to come! I am so excited! We just watched the fist one to refresh our memories. I'm so jealous that you got to see it for free!

tutu lady said...

I'm so glad, that it's good. we plan to see it on Christmas day with the whole family, except ya'll.
Thanks for the review.

Darilyn said...

How did you get prescreening tickets? Ooohhh i'm so jealous! We always go to a movie on Christmas evening. This year it is National Treasure. We are dying that we have to wait even that long. I'm so glad you said it is good although I did expect it to be.

Merilee said...

I did like the first one. We'll definitely see the second one now that I have seen this fun review. My boys really like this kind of stuff too. It reminds me of Indiana Jones, which I used to love!

Mahina said...


we got them through our alaska airlines visa!! who knew!? i was so happy that i called as soon as i got the email. the carter's tried later the same afternoon and there we're any tickets available! bummer, we would have loved to do a double date!