Wednesday, December 19, 2007

to have or not to have?

we have an ongoing thing between mitch and i about how i wear my hair. bm (before mitch), and for several years after we married, i always wore my hair without bangs. when it comes to my hair i've just preferred low maintenance, easy to fix styles. having no bangs was super duper easy. just dry and go! how much better could it be?!

well, enter mitch in my life, a wonderful moment, of course, but with it brought a new opinion on the hair issue. several years after being married, mitch casually mentioned that he thought i should try bangs! what?! so, i had a personal, inner struggle. bangs would mean that i would actually have to fix my hair, something i tried to avoid. however, i was a bit curious about how i would look with bangs, but if i didn't like it, it would take a long time to grow them back out! what to do??

so, i figured, it's just hair and it will grow back. i went ahead and got my hair cut with bangs. i liked it and i hated it, for the reasons that i knew i would! i hated having to fix my hair and i hated not being able to just tuck my hair behind my ears. i hated not knowing if my hair looked funny when a hair was out of place. i hated the maintenance. i liked the style it gave to me. i liked the different options. i liked that mitch loved it.

it lasted only until our third baby was born when i decided i didn't have the time to mess with it. so, i grew out the bangs. and that is where i am right now!

last week, we went to get our hair cuts and mitch mentioned that i should try bangs again! and so it begins!

this is where you come in. i need your honest opinion! bangs or no bangs? let me tell you, it was soooo hard to find pictures of myself, but after searching long and hard, this is what i came up with:

no bangs (carefree and oh so easy):

bangs (high maintenance, but stylish and preferred by hubby):

what do you all think?


Becky said...

that is a hard one. Im the same as you in that I like the freedom of not doing them.But other people prefer them on me.
I would say keep them grown out. The only reason I have them is because I get fuzzies at my hairline with out them. They are a pain, and mine end up clipped out of my way half the time anyway.

Bridget said...

Let me start by saying, your hair is beautiful whatever you do so you are choosing between two good options.

I do remember when you first cut bangs. I hardly knew you then but I remember my jaw dropping at how gorgeous you looked. Like runway model beautiful. I loved it. So, there's one siding for Mitch. :)

However, if having bangs means you are stressed about your hair and not happy, then don't do it. You look great without bangs too. If they're going to drive you crazy then keep it all one lenght.

Danielle said...

I agree with Bridget-you are beautiful either way. The bangs are definitely "in style". And they look great on you. But I hear ya' about the whole worrying about your hair thing with the bangs. Most days my hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Good luck with your decision!

Stephanie said...

I say no bangs. You looked great, but you look just as great without, and no hassle! I can't stand having anthing on my face. It drives me crazy, so I'm for sure on the no side.

Merilee said...

Your gorgeous either way, but I love the bangs!

Amanda said...

I am going to say: no bangs.

Good luck and let us know!

Rachel's Roost said...

Cute both ways! I say make your hubby happy! I'm always trying to get Gordon to give me an oppinion, and he won't! That's fun that mitch will!

Katie Smith said...

Yeah, first things first: you look great with or without. But I must take Mitch's side with the bangs. They are SO cute on you. Go for the bangs girl!

Malia said...

ok so I might surprise you with my opinion.... of course of course you look great either way, I'd say to go without bangs... they give you one more thing to stress about... besides... in the no bangs picture I like how you can see them still but they arent all in your face but right past your ears... it gives another dimention. without the hassle.... sorry mitch.... Stuart says he likes the look of bangs but says you do have 3 kids and its easier to be sporty without bangs... and you are very sporty. I LOVE the tulip pictures... you and Kawena are so cute!!!! And I love the one where Lala has the sad/grumpy face! its so funny!!!

Michal said...

i think that you are lucky to look so good both ways! and i go back and forth between trying to please my husband with my hair and just pleasing myself. i probably prefer the bangs, but it doesn't really matter a lick what i prefer!

Mandy said...

okay I've studied the pictures long and hard and have come up with this conclusion.

Bangs- Hot Mama for sure! But I almost think they make you look older.

No Bangs- more casual and youthful looking.

Honestly you could be bald and still beautiful so either way

Darilyn said...

Hm..gorgeous v.s. gorgeous. My gosh, mahina you look amazing either way. I'm a no bangs girl myself. I do remember when you cut your hair and you looked so beautiful. But I also have to agree with Mandy that the bangs also do make you look a little older. Which isn't a bad thing. It's not like they make you look 10 years older just a little more of a sophisticated look.

The Davids said...

OK, so I've looked at the pics and I think I like no bangs because that's how I've known you most of my life! All of the Tarayao pics growing up had the tropical island beauty in them and I like to be jealous of that girl! I really have been for some 20 years you know . . .
I have to agree with Malia too - I like the "long bangs" look. Maybe a little texture in the front where you still have bangs, but you can tuck them? I don't know. Pleasing hubby is great, but don't drive yourself mad! Sorry Mitch!
P.S. I love the pics with grumpy La la and little Kawena. Very cute!
Merry Christmas!

Kawika said...

i must be honest in saying that the bangs do look really good on you .. i think they frame your face better.
however, considering that i have been shaving my head for the past 6 months because it is just easier, i wouldn't blame you for growing them out. i would personally always take the hassle-free over the alternative, but i have been known to change my hair to please a significant other (good thing i don't have to do that anymore! hahaha)

Mahina said...

wow! you guys! i knew i could count on all of you! that's why i asked!

you all are WAY TOO kind in your very flattering remarks. my head's all swollen up, just what i need!! haha!

i am thinking that it is just about split down the middle! hmmm, where does that leave me? we'll just have to wait and see....

Mahina said...


it is nice to get mitch's opinion, but sometimes i wish he didn't on certain things! if he hadn't told me that he likes me with bangs better, than i wouldn't be having this dilemma right now!

Mahina said...


mitch feels betrayed! he thought for sure he could count on your vote!! but i guess stuart came through for him!

i LOVE the picture with lala grumpy, too! that is why i picked that picture to post, because of her. it's so lala!

Mahina said...


so good to see you on my blog! i think you hit the nail on the head! i always picture myself without bangs, too. that's just who i am! i think that is part of the problem with the bangs! i just don't think that i look like me anymore!! it was weird to walk by the mirror, i'd have to stop and do a double take!

Mahina said...

mandy and darilyn:

i so know what you mean about me looking older! i thought the same exact thing, and you guys just confirmed it for me!!

bald?? you've gone too far! haha!

Mahina said...


hey little bro! thanks for commenting! i love to see you here on my blog! you totally appreciate my dilemma, then!

mitch would agree about the framing the face thing! he thinks my forehead is too high for no bangs!

love you!

Mahina said...


"runway model beautiful"?? haha, you're very funny!!

thank you!

Mahina said...


"in style" is a good thing! not that i've ever tried to be "in style" necessarily! i'm not very good in that department!

Mahina said...


i obviously go back and forth, as well, with trying to please mitch with my hair! if i didn't then i'd still have bangs or i never would have gotten them in the first place!! ;-)