Sunday, December 16, 2007

for sale by owner

what am i selling?? well, i am selling my camera! that's right, my beloved camera that has captured so many great moments for our family as well as those of our friends families (the may's and the wilde's and the dimit's )!

it has been a great camera for us and i wouldn't be selling it if it weren't for the great offer my dad has made us for his nikon d200. his is probably more camera than i need at the moment, but i will just grow into it, right?! i can't pass up such an awesome deal!!

anyway, i thought i would post this just in case, by the slight chance, any of my friends are in the market for an excellent digital slr camera. christmas is only 9 days away, people!!

i want to sell it all at a great price! here is what i am selling:
  • nikon d50 camera body w/ body cap
  • nikkor 18-55mm lens (great basic lens)
  • nikkor 55-200mm lens with lens and end cap, soft pouch, and lens hood (this is an awesome zoom lens for all of the close-up that i love to do of my girls!)
  • targus camera bag
  • two 1 GB sd cards
  • battery and charger
  • the box and all of the stuff that came in the box (manuals, camera strap, software, all cables, you know the normal in the box kind of stuff!)

basically, you won't have to go out and buy anything extra for the camera.

if you are interested or have questions, just email me at

fyi, if you are in the market, if not sorry for this boring post! more entertaining stuff tomorrow! you know, things like cheerios in the nose or toddler poop on the carpet....


ericandjanine said...

Any idea how much you want for it?

Bridget said...

good luck selling. that's great you can get a nicer one from your dad.

Becky said...

lol tell Kyle you are selling that and I will never talk to you again. He has been bugging me FOREVER for a SLR.
Fun that you are getting a new one though!

Mahina said...


hmmmm...i'll have to think about that! not that i would want for you to never talk to me again, but i'd really like to sell my camera, you know to help pay for the new one!

Rachel's Roost said...

e-mail me! We're looking right now. . .