Sunday, November 11, 2007

dinner on "alice can way" at the "crap it"

before we left on our sabbatical trip back in july, mitch and i purchased a garmin nuvi gps to help us on our drive. it was an excellent decision, as it saved us many times on our 7 week road trip.

last week, we took the fifth wheel for another trip, the first trip since we put it into storage after the sabbatical. we were all very excited to travel in it again! this time we took it up to seattle to spend time with my mom who was on a business trip there.

on our second night, we went out for dinner. being in seattle, we, meaning my mom and i, wanted seafood, of which, mitch was okay with as long as the restaurant had something other than fish. my mom had heard from a friend that the crab pot was a fun place to eat, so we decided to try it out!

we entered the restaurant into our nuvi and headed out. for those of you who don't have a talking gps, it can be very comical at times to listen to the voice pronounce some of the street names. well, this night was no exception. as we got closer to our destination nuvi says, "turn right on alice can way and arrive at crap it on left." we all started laughing!

after finding an excellent unmetered, parking spot, we were able to enjoy a very fun dinner at the "crap it"! this place was so cool! my mom and i order crab, or "crap" as the nuvi would have called it, and shrimp. the waiter brought it out in this big stainless steel bowl and dumped our food out on the table. then, he gave us a wooden board and hammer to pound the crab legs open. we put on our attractive plastic bibs, provided by our waiter, and went to town on our little crab legs!

as i'm sure you can guess, our dinner took a tad bit longer to eat than the hamburgers and chicken fingers that the others ordered. there was a lot more work involved for us!

as my mom and i enjoyed our crab and shrimp, mmmm delish,
the girls occupied themselves by coloring on the table:and climbing in the windowsill (it's a good thing this was a casual dining establishment!):
the other two members of our family were not quite as patient! while mitch was gripping about how long i was taking to eat and feigning irritation and boredom: the baby had lost all patience:

and mitch finally gave up and took a nap (pretty good self portraits of mitch, don't cha think?):
FINALLY, i finished eating all of the yummy crab and shrimp that my belly could handle and everyone was so relieved and happy (ok, so i know the baby doesn't look too happy in this photo, but she really was happy to get out of her highchair! i think she just wanted to get down to show off her newly aquired walking talent she had just mastered!))

all in all it was a great dinner at the "crap it" on "alice can way"!

so, who can guess what the street name really was?? (if you already have been there and know the name don't ruin it for others).


Katie Smith said...

Alright, I've been sitting here for a few minutes now trying to figure out what "alice can way" it Alaskan Way? It's like that game Mad Gab, which I'm lousy at.

Love the pictures Mitch took of himself. That is absolutely something Mike would do. I don't even really enjoy crap, I mean crab, but it looks like such a fun restaurant.

E said...

I wish I'd known ahead of time you were going there! My family lives in Seattle :-) I would have loved for them to meet my extended family. Oh well, next time. Love the pictures!

Neilson Family said...

Like my very wise sister, I would also guess "Alaskan Way." Are we right? I am dying to know. I think that I have actually been to that resturaunt but I don't remember the street name. Looks like you guys has a ton of fun. And a 5th wheel? I am so jealous. Mike and I want one of those so bad, and a boat too! It's my goal to get him to buy a boat during residency. He says we can't afford it and that he wouldn't be able to spend much time boating for the next 4 years but I don't care. I think that it would help us to create such fun family memories. I am sure you have so many fun memories that include that 5th wheel already. See! I am so right! We really need a boat, don't we?

Bridget said...

That's funny. I didn't know the GPS systems have a hard time with correct pronunciation.

Way to go Kawena for learning to walk! Now you can reach that bathroom door handle and do some more toilet paper decorating for your mom!

The Davids said...

Hey Mahina,
It's always fun to visit your blog and see how your girls are growing! I can't believe they're so big already! You've become a favorite on our blog "link list". Lots of love to your family. If you guys don't know already, Patricia and Philip DuToit are expecting their 4th boy!!!


Elizabeth said...

Yummy! When I first saw the picture of you gnawing on the crab leg I thought you were brushing your teeth! I couldn't figure out where you guys all were. What a hysterical blog!

Merilee said...

Too fun! I would have been eating up the crap with ya! When Darilyn and I went to visit Michelle we were laughing so hard at her GPS thingy. Every time we would make a wrong turn the thing would say "recalculating" in her robot voice. We knew that was just her code for "your stupid". It was hilarious! Maybe it was just our lack of sleep and giddyness.

tutu lady said...

I'm ready to go back there again. Yumm! Someone told me there is one in Long Beach, and San Clemente! I'll have to check this out.

Mahina said...

merilee: you made me laugh so hard with "you're stupid!" i will forever remember this as we are driving around with ours. it needs to "recalculate" often!! haha!! love it!

Mahina said...


we want a boat, too! that is next on our list of must haves! i agree with you that these types of HUGE purchases help to create great and lasting family memories! i mean look at the smith's!!

i never thought i would own an rv in my lifetime, but i am so glad we got the fifth wheel! going out on a family trip is sooo much easier now! we just load up the rv and drive away! it's way cheaper than a hotel, that's for sure!!

you are right! you need a boat!

Malia said...

Wow that looks so yummy! I love crap! I mean crab! so you never said if those guesses were right for Alaskan way? It sounds right though! When you come visit us.... you should definately bring your gps... I bet he/she would have a great time trying to pronouce all the street names here! it would be HILARIOUS!!! love all the pictures! great blog!!!

Mahina said...

alaskan way! good job katie!

Darilyn said...

What a fun place. I love crab, yum.