Monday, November 19, 2007


my awesome dad lent me his super duper fancy macro lens for me to play around with. that is exactly what i did! if you're not familiar with what a macro lens is, it is the lens that allows you to get within millimeters of your subject. it has a very shallow depth of field which makes for some very interesting photos!

i decided to take it to the temple grounds in seattle and boy, did i hit the jackpot! the colors were incredible this time of year! here is what i was able to capture.

okay mom, can we go now?! i'm really bored and hungry!

but i'm having so much fun! just a few more, i promise!

did i mention i was hungry?! i'm losing my patience!

i love how the white steeple shows through the brilliantly colored trees on this one! so picturesque.

that was a very fun day for me!! even though our littlest one was not as thrilled as i was, she managed fine!


Becca said...

Wow Mahina! Those are so pretty.

Bridget said...

Very, very cool. Well worth starving your youngest child for. :)

Darilyn said...

That leaf picture is amazing. I love it.

Danielle said...

Hi Mahina, my name is Danielle Bowers and I keep seeing your name on a few of my friends blogs (Katie, Megan, Becca, Rachael) and I thought I would pop in and see what your blog was like. And I think you might know my family, The Coakley's in Hazeldale ward. You are a great photographer, I am always looking to better my photo skills, so thanks for the tips and new lingo.
And your girls are adorable.

Malia said...

My personal favorite is the leaf with water droplets! love it!

Merilee said...

Beautiful as ever! The girls and the photos.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

I came here from Michal's blog. I agree your Dad is super cool for lending you his macro camera. I have a lot of fun with my camera and my kids (yes, even the youngest!) know they can take the camera ata any time to capture an image that tales their fancy.

Coincidentally, I just posted a couple of macro images Sunday and today - and I've been posting advice for photographers with the label ``Get the picture''.

Have fun with your photography!

Elizabeth said...

My favorite is the one with the little blue buds or whatever they are. And the one of Kawena, of course. What a cutie.

Amanda said...

Love, love, love the shots! So beautiful! Some day, I will have a camera that will let me do these types of shots.