Thursday, November 08, 2007

jury duty

mitch got a summons to jury duty last month. last night he was supposed to check in to get the instructions on what he needed to do tomorrow to report for jury duty. he looked at the summons and noticed that he could defer for up to one year. so, he went to the website and sent in his request to defer until the second half of october 2008.

after hitting the send button he went to the website to see what the reporting instructions would have been had he not defered and he saw something like this:

"we need jurors 1 thru 216 and jurors 230 thru 249 to report tomorrow at the

mitch was juror #219!

today in his email he received this:

"Per your request, you have been deferred from jury duty in the Washington County Circuit Court. You have been deferred to the 2nd half of October, 2008. This Court's policy is to grant only one deferral."

awww, poor baby!


Bridget said...

That's so funny. I suppose it pays to read the fine print first. :)

tutu lady said...

Heck, you'll be long gone by Oct. 2008! No sweat!

Malia said...

wait so.... he has to go to the courthouse or not?

Merilee said...

Oh that totally stinks!