Friday, November 09, 2007

vacuum creates domestic diva

i don't know what happened to me this morning, but i woke up and got the girls ready for school, just like any other day. when my "5 minutes til we need to leave for the bus" alarm went off, we scrambled to get the finishing touches on nani's hair and oral hygiene completed before my "we have to leave right now or we will miss the bus" alarm went off.

as we crammed our feet into our shoes and head out the front door, in our haste, we practically trip over our vacuum, which is sitting just outside our front door on the porch. hmmm?? oh yeah, our neighbors must have returned it last night.

nani off to school and lala waiting to be picked up, i start to get this urge to actually use the vacuum. once lala is off to school i run upstairs to get the baby out of her crib (thankfully, she is not sopping wet). while i feed her breakfast, i look down at the wood floors beneath us and i have a strong urge to sweep and mop. huh?? where are all of these urges coming from??!! this is so not like me!

breakfast completed, i clean up our dishes and while putting them into the dishwasher i look at the counter tops and i have an overwhelming need to scour them! what???

i sweep

i mop

i vacuum

i scour

not wanting to have everything clean, but the bathroom i tackle that, as well! notice i wrote "bathroom", not "bathrooms". that's because there is only one bathroom on our first floor.

apparently, my urge has been satisfied with just the downstairs!

phew! glad i got that out of my system! maybe if the urge strikes again the upstairs might get clean, too!


Merilee said...

I'm sorry your going to have to define a few of those words for me. Scour?? Mop?? Sweep?? I don't get it!

Mahina said...


yeah, i know. it was weird for me too! these words just seemed to pop into my head, but domestic diva gone, i can't seem to remember what those words mean anymore!

Bridget said...

Go Mahina go!! That's awesome. And for someone who claims to not get much done in the morning, all the more impressive.

I am spending my afternoon cleaning. My sister from Arizona is coming to visit for the weekend so I've got to have everything perfect!

Malia said...

wow good job! so does that mean that you got all of the laundry and dishes done too? Well good job! Has your front door always been blue like that? Why would I think it was red? or maybe green like your shudders? shutters? i think its a T right? haha who knows?

Mahina said...


oh yeah, the dishes were done and that pile of laundry folded and put away before mitch got home! the first thing he said when he walked in the door was, "wow, i can see the couch!" that made my day that he noticed! haha!

you probably thought our door was red because i wish it were red! mitch doesn't want me to paint it, though. he likes it blue! ugh! and the shutters are the same color blue! in our next house....

Darilyn said...

I wish I had those urges more often.

E said...

I'm wondering if you're pregnant...that happened to me the second I got pregnant. :-) I LOVED cleaning and would make time to get it too bad I'm not pregnant all the time...the house would look much better!