Tuesday, November 20, 2007


last week, i was talking to darilyn after our monthly GNO (girls night out), if you don't have a GNO, i highly recommend them! anyway, we were talking about photos and she told me that her all time favorite photo was one on my sister's blog. it was a picture that mitch took while in colorado. she reminded me of a wonderful part of our sabbatical trip that i never got around to writing about.

so, i decided i would write about it today. i am remembering that day back in july with a big smile!

one of the first places we put down "roots" (meaning: where we stayed for more than one night) was vallecito, colorado. mitch's grandma (aka grandma great) has a cabin in the mountains there. if you remember the missionary ridge fire back in 2002, that is where grandma great's cabin is. it was amazing that she didn't lose the cabin when you see how close it got! anyway, it is a very peaceful little retreat in the mountains.
my sister and her husband were selling dish network in albuquerque this past summer, so they were close enough for me to drive out and pick them up. okay, so a four hour drive both ways might not sound very close, but when we are comparing it to thousands of miles to fly from oregon to hawaii, a four hour drive seems like minutes! i made the drive and we were able to spend a wonderful 5 days with them in vallecito.

probably, my favorite thing we did was to rent a pontoon boat and take it out on vallecito lake! the weather was perfect. the sky was blue with beautiful fluffy white clouds. we drove out for awhile and found a good spot to cut the engine and enjoy a cool but refreshing dip in the water. plus, lala had to go tinkles.

she was a little hesitant to jump into the water, at first, but then her "i have no fear gene" kicked in. she was the first one to jump in after uncle stuart. she didn't really want to go tinkles in the water, at first either. so, she played around in the lake with uncle stuart. as uncle stuart began to lift her back up into the boat, she said, "wait! i'm going tinkles!" sucks to be uncle stuart at that moment! but he's a good sport!

once we got that out of the way, everyone jumped in!


uncle stuart:

auntie malia:



lala, again:

we were all having so much fun!! the boys, or i mean the men, were trying to flip each other off the boat, much to malia's discouragement (i think that was the first time that i almost saw them argue! malia was NOT happy!)

during all of this fun water play we didn't seem to notice the dark clouds encroaching on the edge of the lake from between the mountains.

it wasn't until we heard the thunder in the distance that we paid any attention to the darkening sky. it was then that we decided we should start making our way back. i'm afraid, though, that we were a bit late on starting back. there was no way that we were going to out ran those clouds or the pelting rain!

of course we were not prepared for the 20 degree drop in the temperature! we were all wet from playing in the water and now we were in the wind and rain without a warm coat to protect us from the storm! thank goodness we left the sunshade on when they asked us if we wanted to leave it up or take it down!! even still, we could feel the sting from the rain as it hit us! i get goosebumps just looking at this picture of nani freezing in her life jacket.

i'm not sure if you can tell, but in those last two pictures you could see the rain hitting the water. by the time we docked the boat, the rain was coming down so hard and cold. our teeth were chattering and our bodies were shivering uncontrollably. as we ran for the shelter of the tiny tackle shop feeling the force of each drop of rain, we were amazed to see hail bouncing off of the deck. no wonder it was so stinkin' cold and the rain was hurting so bad!!

as soon as we crowded into the tackle shop along with everyone else whose boating plans got cut short lala announces that she needs to go to the bathroom. i reminded her that she had just gone. then in a very loud voice, much too loud for the smallness of the crowded room, she announces, "NO! i have to go poop!" embarrassed for her, and okay, for me too, i respond, "let's just announce it to everyone!!" she just gave me a really weird look!
even though or trip got shorten, we all loved every minute of it. even the freezing cold! great memories!
oh, and i almost forgot the picture that got this all started! this is darilyn's all time favorite photo (i think it is pretty awesome too! not only are we synchronized, but we are even wearing matching bathing suits, well, the colors are a little different):

and this last picture is one of my favorites. it just makes me smile! how can you see lala's big smiling face without smiling yourself?! i dare you to try!

but the best part about this picture, her shorts are practically down around her ankles and she doesn't even care! you've gotta love this girl!!


Elizabeth said...

What a fun day! Memories like that are so special. You two look as if you should compete in the synchronized diving competition of the Olympics. I love that picture, too! And what a cute Lala.

Merilee said...

I lost. I couldn't look at it(her smile) without smiling. Dang it! What a super fun memory!

Malia said...

Aww I love that post! I love our sister shot and love the shorts falling off of lala! That was so much fun!!! Also... I have my reasons for not wanting stuart mitch to try and flip each other off the boat... I'va had my share of witnessing people getting hurt that I don't want to witness much more of it if I can avoid it... from cute kids just wanting to have fun jumping into the pool but not quite making it and hitting their chin on the side (ouch) to a complete idiot in my opinion on a rope swing that I thought had to be paralyzed after what I had witnessed... but it was only a cut on his leg that went straight to the bone... yeah you could see his bone .... so that is why I dont like being around when people are doing things that are borderline cool/stupid. but anyways.... I love the post!!! And love you guys! we had so much fun and are so grateful that you would make an 8 hour round trip to pick us up!!! Thanks again! it was a much needed and much appreciated vacation from summer! Love you!!! Thank You!!!

Rhonda said...

Thanks, Mahina, for that wonderful post. I loved all the pictures! hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving Day...Wish we were all closer.
(ps - we will be playing a little Tumblin Dice at the Johnson party.)

Siouxsie said...

That really has to be one of the most awesome collections of photos. Aside from my overwhelming fear of large bodies of water, that looked wicked fun, especially your beautiful babies.

Mahina said...

malia: i totally understand why you were getting upset. the only reason you didn't hear me complaining is beacuse mitch was the one boosting stuart and flipping him! i didn't feel like i could speak for stuart on the borderline cool/stupid he was doing!

Darilyn said...

Yes, that's the picture. It's just so great. And I love the one of Lala too!

Sarah said...

that looks so fun!

tutu lady said...

I'm happy that you went back to remenice about your great summer. I enjoy all the pictures. Love ya'll

Bridget said...

I love the synchronized diving shot too. You guys look like two teenagers!

When I was a teenager our family and aunts/uncles/cousins rented a house boat on Lake Powell. It was a blast!