Thursday, April 02, 2009

2 months old (almost a week late)

2 months full

mahealani, is it possible that you are 2 months old already? i guess time flies when you're having fun! i know i am, having fun, that is!


you are an incredibly sweet baby! and so easy going! here are some of the things i love about you:

  • you are our only baby that doesn't spit up volumes! i still carry a burp rag with me everywhere i go, not because i need it. just out of habit, i guess. because of this you always smell so sweet!
  • you're an awesome sleeper! for the last month you have been sleeping through the night (my definition of sleeping through the night is going more than 8 hours without eating) 90% of the time. you are so kind to let your mommie sleep!
  • you are a much quieter sleeper than you were a month ago. not as much grunting = mommie sleeps more!

2 months close

  • you are so accommodating with the comings and goings of your sisters. you are content to go along for the ride, wherever that may be!
  • when we go on long outings, say to the zoo or aquarium or park, you sleep the WHOLE time so that i can give my attention more fully to your sisters.
  • you don't cry when we go grocery shopping.
  • you are patient when i need to attend to your sisters needs.

2 months fullsepia

  • you are starting to smile and make the cutest little sounds!
  • your hair is growing back and you don't look like a little old man anymore
  • you let me do pilates and run on the treadmill (two things that i need desperately so that i can lose the extra 20 lbs. that seems to be wanting to take up permanent residence on my body since you were born). you either sleep through it or you sit in the swing and watch.
  • you let your sisters hold you even though it doesn't look very comfortable most of the time.
  • you take both a morning AND an afternoon nap, something that your sisters would only do one of.
  • you've made having 4 kids almost seem easy (much easier than i ever imagined it could be)!
  • you're just plain cute!

2 months smilesepia

  • and i L.O.V.E the hint of that dimple on your cheek!

i love you, my sweet baby girl!

stats: weight: 11 pounds (50%), height: 22 3/4 inches (70%) head circ.: 15 1/4 inches (50%).




Grace said...


she is so beautiful! She has a good mix of all of your cute! I loved when my kids were around this age and they became more communicative and I loved their cooing and laughing. fun fun. She is so cute. Enjoy I am sure you will!

jessica said...

So you have the perfect I know they really do exist! I am so glad that number four is being so good to you. She is a beautful baby Mahina...just beautiful.

hoalawman said...

Great catch on the eyes. The faces of these babies today send shivers up my spine! Best to all the family. Rich

Lauren in GA said...

She is so, so beautiful. Oh, she is dreamy!

What a good sleeper! She is a living doll!

Bridget said...

Like all your other girls, she is so beautiful. Glad she is such a good baby for you too!

tutu lady said...

Wow! Mahealani, you're awesome and a SUPER STAR!

Amanda D said...

Oh, Mahina, she is such a beauty. I'm so wanting to hold her right now. Any trips to OR in the future?

Sarah said...

She really is a beautiful baby!

Melissa-Mc said...

She seriously is perfect.

Teresa said...

Violet was the same way. She even slept great at night. She was my first to do that. It was so nice and weird. She has since gotten a little more normal. She wakes up to eat more and obviously doesn't sleep as much. Your baby is beautiful! Just like your other girls.

calibosmom said...

Do you mind if I just hop on a plane and come over for a little baby love? Mmmm....I could kiss those cheeks all day!

Malia said...

Oh how I miss the little ones! And the big ones too! Love you!

meganconser said...

She is beautiful- like your other girls and like you. Love your photos. I love the way these sweet new babies just seem to fit in the family--like they were always here. :o)

Derek-n- Lynette said...

You didn't know about my little girl and I didn't know about yours. Congratulations! She is adorable. When is her birthday?

Tonya said...

That was a precious post about your little bundle! What a sweetie. It almost looks like she's grinning in that last photo. CUTE!!!