Saturday, April 18, 2009

the easter bunny delivers

look what we found when we arrived home last saturday from nani's baptism (more on that later):



the girls were so excited that the easter bunny got there letters and was able to make a special early delivery to them(that's their cousin logan, mr. e even left her a basket!):

he came


aren't those baskets cute? i especially love the hats on the girls!

on the hunt


for the egg hunt the easter bunny gave each of the girls a certain color egg to search for. nani's were hidden in more difficult (read: higher) places

nani egg


than, say, kawena's.

kawena egg


now we know that the easter bunny will honor a simple request. i'm pretty sure we will make this a tradition in our family.


it was wonderful on sunday to focus on the real reason we celebrate easter.  we were able to read the account of the first "easter" found in the scriptures, after which we gave each of the girls a framed picture of the Savior as a reminder of all that He has given to us. now, they each have their own picture of Christ next to their beds.


and this is my favorite picture from easter...

kawenas basket


Kristi said...

Very cute! I love the hats and doing the egg hunt on Saturday. Way to go Mr. E!

tutu lady said...

GREAT shot of Kawena and all the girls HAPPY SPRING

Grace said...

great photo of Kawena..and yes the hats are really cute. It looks like the girls like them. Glad to hear you had a nice Easter

ericandjanine said...

oh i really miss you guys! we should seriously get together one of these days and go camping or something!!! your pictures are beautiful as always...of course with models like those, who could go wrong!

jessica said...

I love those hat/baskets! I think I'm going to steal that each girl gets their own color idea. With all my nieces it gets crazy at our hunt.

Great picture of Kawena...I like her little face in the picture with all the cute!

Sara said...

Your daughters could NOT be any cuter! Glad the Easter bunny complied. Such a great idea. I might have to steal that for next year...

Lauren in GA said...

That is the perfect picture...I love it, too.

That is so wonderful that you had a great Sunday.

The hats are so great!