Thursday, April 30, 2009


on occasion, mitch will be called upon to substitute in primary for either nani's (ctr8) or kale'a's (ctr6) class. I will, of course, come along to "assist". i really enjoy watching mitch interact with these sweet children! it is especially precious because both of their classes are primarily girls. I think nani's class has 1 maybe 2 boys and kale'a's class has only 1 boy.


a few weeks back mitch was called to substitute in kale'a's class. it was fun teaching these girls and quite entertaining at times! there is one girl, in particular, that i want to tell you about.


her name is brinlee. now, brinlee is the oldest and the only girl of three kids. she is a very bright girl and she says what is on her mind.


the theme for the month in primary was about how we all have responsibilities within our family. so, the bishop was talking to the children about what a mom's responsibility is and what a dad's responsibility is. then he asked the children what their responsibilities were in their families. the kids raise their hands and say things like, "we clean up our messes", "i help mom with the baby", "i clean my room". you know the typical answers you would expect to hear from young kids.


then brinlee raises her hand and says, "we ALL have the responsibility to be debt-free!" EXCUSE ME??? did i hear you right? did this 5 year old girl just say that we all have the responsibility to be debt-free??!


the bishop was literally speechless! after regaining his composure he says, "brinlee, i think we are going to send you to the gospel doctrine class!"


does she totally rock or what? if there were more people that realized this in our country, we would be much better off! but that is a whole nuther story!


then, during the singing portion of primary, brinlee is sitting next to mitch. after we sing all of the songs that had been prepared for that sunday, the chorister reminds the kids to go home and listen to the cd's that have the songs for the year that they are learning so they can remember the words to the songs. brinlee leans over to mitch and says, "you need to go home and listen to your cd more!"


i just love this girl! she has no qualms about saying what's on her mind!


during class brinlee was fidgeting with her bolero jacket over her dress. she looks at mitch and says, "i really want to show you what's under my jacket but my dress is immodest so i won't!" to which mitch replies, "thank you brinlee, that's a great idea!"


oh the joys of primary! you can tell that brinlee's parents are doing a great job at raising their children! it makes me wonder what my children say when i am not around!!? i probably don't want to know!


jessica said...

Those Brinlee moments are exactly why I loved being Primary President for THREE years...It's been over a year since I have been released and I still miss it!

tutu lady said...
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tutu lady said...

Thanks for reminding me of that story. Brinlee makes a good one..

Lauren in GA said...

What an amazing young lady. I totally ate up all of the quotes.

Good job too Mitch for keeping a straight face!

calibosmom said...

They need to call her to be YW president. She's FAB!

Ilene said...

Brinlee needs to come talk to my primary kids about listening to their CD.

Danielle said...

I love her words of wisdom to Mitch. That story totally crakced me up. Oh the power of a child.

Michal said...

sooo funny. and true. every primary needs a few brinlees.:)