Monday, April 27, 2009

3 months



well, our baby is 3 months old today! amazing! isn't she a little angel? look at that face! so easy to love!


what is mahealani doing these days?

  • she has discovered her fist and enjoys sucking on it. i love the cute sounds she makes as she sucks away!
  • she has been a little miss piggy these past few days. it seems like she is eating constantly! she's a growing girl!
  • she's starting to get little pudgy rolls on her legs! she was such a little scrawny thing, but is starting to fill out!
  • she is still pleasant as ever, just content to be around the action that is her family!
  • her sisters are still enchanted with her. they haven't gotten bored with her utter cuteness, yet!
  • she still doesn't take a pacifier, just like her sisters.
  • last week, we moved her from sleeping in her car seat to sleeping in her bassinet. why would we do that if she was sleeping through the night, you ask. well, her head was starting to look a bit flat and funny. so, we made the transition. the first several nights were rough. i almost gave up and moved her back to the car seat thinking, "she's a girl. her hair will cover her funny shaped head!" i was desperate for more sleep. but i held out and i am glad i did. she sleep 7 hours last night in her bassinet! success! and already her head looks better!!
  • she loves to smile! in the morning right after she wakes up is my favorite smile time! she is all smiles!
  • she is becoming quite verbal! i love having cooing "conversations" with her.
  • she loves when we cluck our tongue at her. gets a smile every time.
  • she really loves kale'a. kale'a seems to get the most smiles out of mahea. 
  • she is almost starting to respond to tickling. when i tickle her, she doesn't just give me a blank stare like before, she gets a smile on her face but doesn't quite laugh yet. she does more of a grunt. it's very cute!
  • she loves her bath!
  • she's awake more often and more alert and interactive.
  • as crazy as it may sound, i think she may be starting to teeth. she drools, she bites me when eating, and she sucks on her bottom lip. all things her sisters did when they were teething. it's not completely out of the question, nani had her first two teeth by 4 months!

those are just some of the things that i can think of and wanted to document of our little growing girl.



and i love her little toes!



Amanda D said...

So cute! I love her baby toes too.

jessica said...

She is a dolly! She is only two months behind Camden and it's just amamzing how fast they grow!

Scott-n-Allison said...

I think she looks so much like Kale'a!...and what a fun age. I love it when they really start to respond to you.

So sweet!

calibosmom said...

Baby feet are my favorite. She really is adorable!

Bridget said...

I agree with Allison. She looks like Lala. What a cutie.

Malia said...

i love this girl!!! too cute!

Elizabeth said...

She's adorable! And love the Easter dresses. Congratulations to Nani on her baptism! Alexis says hi to Nani and would like her to e-mail her.

tutu lady said...

Mahalo for all that nice info about Mahealani. What a sweetheart! I miss you all.

Lauren in GA said...

She is so, so, so, so beautiful!! Love that she is growing healthy and strong.

Danielle said...

what a sweet baby girl. so, glad she is sleeping well for you, and we are doing the teething thing too. the amount of drool we see on a daily basis is staggering.