Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i {heart} faces: week 12 "pouting"

thanks to everyone who helped me decide which picture to enter. it was pretty much unanimous.


normally, i would have just gone with the picture that i wanted to enter, but when mitch heard about the week's theme he knew the exact photo that he thought i should enter.


of course, they were not the same photo.


so, i could have done one of three things:

a. just enter the one i wanted to enter and had mitch say, "just do what you want to do because you always do!" something i hear quite frequently when i ask his opinion,


b. enter the one mitch wanted me to enter, even though it wasn't the one i wanted,




c. let you guys decide so that mitch and i could feel happy and all warm and fuzzy towards each other!


obviously, i went for option "c"! thanks for your help, i feel so warm and fuzzy!


the winner was this cute little pouty wouty:



and for those who are curious, the above picture was mitch's choice! *sigh*



Brightfish said...

Oh, what a simply divine photo! She would have me wrapped around her little finger!

the bug and family said...

she is adorable! how can you resist her :)

jessica said...

Oh how I hate to eat humble pie. I'm sure you are better at it than me. At least the man has a good eye.

Mommy Kandra said...

AAW, it makes you want to jump through the photo and give her a kiss and hug!

Melinda said...

Whatever it is she wants...give it to her!!! That's much too precious a face not to! Great photo!!

Melinda B

ashley said...

that picture is priceless! hope you win, good choice mitch!

Melissa-Mc said...

and the watery eyes just adds more to the pout.

Ilene said...

Oh, I didn't vote! Both are great pictures. That little baby face really gets you though.

Those pouts always make me want to laugh and kiss their cheeks. Not exactly what the kids are going for but oh well.

Lauren in GA said...

I like that picture the best for the entry (not that I didn't like the other one..I just mean for the entry)...Mitch was totally correct...being that I agree with him, and all ;)

Pineapple Princess said...

That is what you call a TRUE pout!

Though I love both, I would have picked c the day I tried to vote (something wasn't working and i couldn't leave a comment).

Thanks for helping me find this site. It is so much fun to see others photos. Hope yours gets picked!

Becca said...

Love the picture, love the face, love the dress.

Elizabeth said...

So adorable!! :)