Monday, March 02, 2009


saturday was grandma’s and grandpa’s 40th wedding anniversary AND grandpa’s 76th birthday (he knew the best way to never forget his anniversary was to get married on his birthday! he is a smart man!). we wanted to make it a memorable anniversary for them and boy did we know how to make sure they never forgot it!


we wanted to take them to outback for dinner, but didn’t want to wait in the long line to get a table, so we decided to order outback and bring it back to enjoy a nice dinner on the patio. it was a beautiful evening!


about halfway through the meal we heard a horrible crashing sound and some of us (i was not one of them) were able to witness the cause of the crash. kawena had stood up in her plastic patio chair only to tip over backwards. on her way down her head met the corner of the metal step on grandma and grandpa’s rv. i heard the noise (i was looking for something in our car) followed by grandma’s gasp and came running.


the first thing i saw was my sweet kawena laying on the concrete. then i heard her cry! my heart was in my throat as i ran to her and picked her up. as i did this, i saw the blood drip from her head and land, bright red, on the white concrete. i would be lying if i said that i didn’t panic and ache for her!


as i held her, mitch checked the wound and we determined we should go to the er because the gash looked big enough that it might need stitches.



she was incredibly brave. she cried for a short time right after it happened and then she was fine. in fact, by the time we got to the er she was happy as a clam and you would not have known that she had sustained a head wound!


so, we waited for our name to be called……



they called us to the intake room and then we waited….



and waited some more…..



then, finally, the nurse came and checked her head……



and told us that, sure enough, she needed some staples in her head. so, they gave us some numbing stuff to hold on her wound and we waited some more…..



then they moved us into another room and they washed her wound…..



then we waited even longer.


and we became impatient….so i snapped some more photos….



then we waited some more….


then we became irritated….


and then kawena had had enough waiting and she wanted to go home and be with her sisters. she kept asking where nani and lala were. it was very sweet!


the doctor finally decided that we had waited long enough (is it some sort of requirement that in the er you have to wait at least 2 hours to get help??) and decided to put the staples in. after my husband had some loud, choice words with the doctor, she not so gently stapled our daughters head. none of us were happy when we left that er! but i won’t go into that!


here are the staples….



and here is our little trooper….



who, by the way, promptly started jumping on the bed as soon as we got back to the hotel. she was scaring the poop out of me! she is one tough cookie and, like i said, the way she was acting you never would have known that she had just had staples put in her head!


oh, how i love our kawena! never a dull moment and always a bunch of laughter with this one!


happy anniversary grandma and grandpa! glad we could make your anniversary and birthday so memorable and a night that you will never forget!!


Lauren in GA said...


I can't believe they made you wait that long for a head wound.

she looks so cute in the pictures...what a doll!

That last picture is so darling. You know you have a beautiful girl on your hands when she can make a head wound look adorable.

Amanda D said...

So sad! It sounds like a frustrating ER trip. I hope she didn't have a killer headache when the numbing wore off. She's a cutie.

jessica said...

I have a couple horrific er stories. I too have shared choice words with nurses/ not fair.

I love those last pictures with her bandaged cute!

Malia said...

I'm glad she's ok! My all time favorite shot from this post is the 1st one with the bandage around her head! what a funny expression on her face! Love you! glad you're home safe!

Bridget said...

Two hours actually isn't bad. The average wait time in an ER nationally is 3.5 hours.

Poor Kawena. Glad she is OK. She looks so much older to me! Wow.

I know what you mean about the horrible sound of a crash. I will never forget the thud of Cole's face hitting the kitchen floor when he fell of the counter. 17 stitches later and he's all good.

ashley said...

ouch! er's are the worst, but is sounds like she did great! and i love the last 2 pics, she looks like she just came back from battle!

tutu lady said...

Thanks for all the pics. Very good. so sad for Kawena, But she's so much more resiliant than the rest of us. I'm so glad you could go on your little trip to the grands home, and now you have good news at work. Congratulations! Stay healthy. Love you all.

Amanda said...

What a bummer! I know Sarah had a staple in her head last summer after jumping on the bed and falling off. I think it was more traumatizing for me than for Sarah! I was so stressed about them putting a staple in her head, I was actually negotiating with the doctor. Luckily my husband quickly put my concerns to rest, Sarah happily got the staple, and was fine ever after!

calibosmom said...

No one will ever forget their
40th. What a brave little girl. Er visits are never fun. Glad she is ok and you too!!!

Tonya said...

That was quite the exciting post to read! Those are some pretty crazy looking battle wounds. You have a really tough head Kawena!!! I would agree that that was one eventful anniversary/birthday party. Crazy! That cracks me up that she went to jumping on the bed as soon as you got back from the E.R. Maybe she had such a great time wating for two hours that she thought it would be fun to go back:0)

Michal said...

we have been to the er many times for head wounds and it never ceases to amaze me how long you have to wait for about three minutes of treatment.

i'm glad she weathered it well. how are you holding up, mommy?

Melissa-Mc said...

OUCHIE! We had stitches last month. Head wounds are the worst for bleeding and freaking moms out. I'm glad she is okay and I hope she heals fast.

Rachel's Roost said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! It's so scary when your baby is bleeding! She looks pretty cute in that headband though!

Grace said...

i love the video you's like she doesn't even want to discuss what happened with her head..she's ready to move on :) So cute

Danielle said...

How thoughtful of Kawena to make sure your trip was memorable.

Rowdy split his head open alot like that when he was about her age. We were at a rest area on our way to Disneyland.

Sarah said...

poor girl! She has grown up so muhc. She looks so old!

Ilene said...

Oh my goodness. Glad she is okay. I often think my two year old will give me a heart attack (if he doesn't hurt himself first).

Glad she is okay!