Thursday, March 05, 2009


as i mentioned in a previous post, we went to surprise, az to surprise my in-laws for their 40th anniversary. we decided on tuesday that we should drive out to see them (nani had parentsteacher conferences, therefore, no school thursday and friday). they had no idea we were coming and we just showed up at their motor home on friday morning. when we arrived, the door was open so we sent the three girls in without knocking. it was fun to see their reaction. grandma looked up and saw all three of their little heads coming up the stairs and said, “what are you doing here?” it was a wonderful reunion!

 grandmagirls  grandmalala


grandpa had stepped out before we arrived, so we gave mahealani to grandma to hold and the rest of us hid in the back. when grandpa walked in he saw grandma with the baby and asked, “where have you been?” he had no idea whose baby she was holding until the girls walked out. they were both so thrilled!! just look at the smiles on their faces!

grandpasurprise   grandpakawena


they were so excited to have us there. grandma was able to show off her granddaughters, and her 1 month old granddaughter, whom she had just met, to all of her friends. she was telling everyone she could about the surprise visit and her new grandbaby!



i don’t think they could have had a better anniversary surprise!


the weather was so perfect and the girls had a blast zipping around in grandma’s golf cart and swimming at the pool with daddy and grandpa. and i had a fun time sitting on the pool deck taking pictures!

golfcart    pool lala


pool kawena   nani water




one of the things i was looking forward to was eating at in ‘n out. yummm! it had been over a year and i wasn’t going to miss the opportunity for an animal style cheeseburger and fries, and a chocolate shake! i think grandma and grandpa thought we were crazy for driving over 30 minutes just to get a cheeseburger!  ohhhh, but it was so worth it to us!


it would have been the perfect trip except for this!


the girls were amazingly great travelers and mahea slept the whole time we were driving! and even more amazing, our second night mahea slept 7 hours straight! i couldn’t believe it, but then our last night she slept over 9 hours without eating and i actually had to wake her up so we could go! i love when newborns are such great sleepers!


our  quick, last minute trip was fabulous and it is good to know that we can still be spontaneous, even with four kids!


tutu lady said...

Thank you for sharing your great trip with us. Good pictures and happy times. To get a summer vacation in the middle of winter weather! Fabulous!

tutu lady said...
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Kristi said...

Great shots! What a fun surprise! I love that you were able to capture the moment :)

jessica said...

What a fabulous surprise! And you are wonder woman for taking a road trip with a newborn! Great pics!

Malia said...

How fun!!! What great photos too! I love the one of Grandma and Mahea (sepia) Soooo sweet! Glad you had a fun trip.... and thank goodness the accident was at the end and Kawena didn't have to miss out on all the pool fun!

Scott-n-Allison said...

I'm glad that you are so much closer to family now and can do these kinds of things.

And I'm so glad that Kawena's scar will be on the back of her head instead of the front of her face! Ouch!

Send the sun my way! :)

Bridget said...

What a fun trip! We're going to Arizona in a couple weeks. I am so excited for some hot weather!

Michal said...

we are headed to phoenix tomorrow to visit jared's sister and attend a family wedding. my kids are most excited about swimming. i am not excited about wearing a bathing suit. ah, well.

i, too, am impressed that you were up for a road trip with a newborn. what a woman you are, mahina!

Lauren in GA said...

That is truly my kind of surprise!

The pictures are so fabulous! Your girls are gorgeous.

Melissa-Mc said...

I love that last picture with the 3 girls in the water. Here's to spontaneous trips.

Danielle said...

As I sit here in cold and damp Oregon, I find myself quite jealous of your warm trip and fun play in the pool. Holding a new baby and having warm weather--what more oculd you ask for?

So glad you had such a wonderful time and that you were able to see family.

Sarah said...

That is a great surprise!

Amanda said...

How fun! What a great surprise! And how great is that that Mahea already sleeps so long?! What 4 beautiful girls, just like their mom. I saw your comment on my blog. I miss our running days too. That was the best shape I've ever been in also. Are you sure you and Mitch don't want to move up to UT?

Elizabeth said...

Such fun! Kawena was such a trooper at the hospital. Tell her Bish sends her love! And you're swimming! I'm so jealous! Your ex-neighbor Mimi misses you and sends her love. She says that in Asian culture, having five is a sign of prosperity, so you need to have five girls! :-)

Sara said...

What a fun trip and a great surprise for the grandparents. And I am SO SO SO jealous of your good sleeper! I thought mine was doing well when he goes 6 hours but 7 and 9? Sheesh. She's only 6weeks right?

grandmajeri said...

Hey there-I am so amazed at what you do on your blog! Your family is so beautiful-where are the pictures of you? I would love to be in warm weather!
(your favorite aunti) Jeri

Ilene said...

What a fun surprise for your in-laws.

Swimming in winter? And then you get some In-N-Out too?

Reading this post is like having salt poured on my wound.