Saturday, March 14, 2009

who are you today?

we have a princess in our home on any given day of the week, but which princess is it? that’s the big question.


you see the answer can change from hour to hour, even, from minute to minute!

sleeping beauty


the princesses real name is kawena, but, shhhhh….. you can’t tell her that! if you forget and call her “kawena” she will quickly inform you that, “me not kau-fena! me ariel!” with this look on her face:

me not cawfena


and then she will let you know, “and i have mine fish!”

mine fish 

it all started back in december when my mom gave the girls the tinkerbell movie. after kawena watched it she was no longer “kawena”, she was “pinker-bowl”!


i was at my midwife appointment and the nurses would ask her name and she would say, “i’m pinker-bowl and i have mine wings! i can fly high in da sky!” and she truly believed she had wings and that she could fly! while at my appointment, i made the mistake of calling her “kawena” and you can bet that she corrected me, promptly!


then, “the princess” branched out. she would be sleeping beauty, then cinderelly, then snow white, then jasmine, then ariel.



then, she got princess panties. once this happened her princess status was determined by her panties!


when i tuck her in at night, i must sing several princess songs before saying goodnight! and when i leave the room i must call her by her “princess” name or i will get an earful! i have a hard enough keeping the names of our four girls straight! i don’t need to add several princesses to the mix!


you’d think that with four daughters, this is something that we had already experienced, but this is something new! however, by the looks of things it could be something we will experience again as observed here with “snow white” “educating” her younger sister on the importance of finding a good blush and coin purse:



so, just be warned that if you are around our house and you see this little one, you’d better know just who she is that day!


i love, love, L.O.V.E. this picture!


Darilyn said...

Does this post ever bring back memories for me. Emma was my princess girl. I love that you have to call her by her princess name at bedtime. That is so cute and I might insist that my girls do the same for me. Right now I would like to be Sleeping Beauty!

Danielle said...

How I would love to come and soak up some princess play for a day or two. She is so adroable. Nothing in our life comes remotely close to princesses, we are pretending to be dogs, elephants, bob the builder, but definitely no princesses here. Tell your little princess I love her beautiful dresses!

Amanda D said...

I love that last picture too. It is beautiful! Have you seen the I heart faces blog? You need to check it out and enter some of your shots in their contests. It's

Sarah said...

Kawena is so beautiful!

jessica said...

Eden was my princess girl, Maya not so much. When Kawena...I mean Snow White gets older the princess dresses may fade but chances are she will channel that princess attitude into some fierce kindergarten fashion. At least that it was I have experienced with my litte princess.

Bridget said...

She is such a cutie and is getting so big!

tutu lady said...

Oh, I loved every minute of it while I was one of her subjects. (except the day we had to hide the dress-up box from her) Truly a sad, sad day. but it had to be done. Love that lil' princess(es).

Malia said...

Awww I miss those princesses! Very cute pictures! And yeah that last one's nice =)

Melissa-Mc said...

We have a costume box FULL of superheros and villains. I love the picture of Snow White looking at the baby.

Kristi said...

Charley is in constant princess mode too! Since the TinkerBell movie however, she has been TinkerBell - none other is quite good enough! We're even having a TinkerBell birthday for her. I must say I love the "pinker-bowl" name though! Very original! Great pictures of Kawena!

Ilene said...

So sweet. Do you think she would like to play princess Leia with my Luke Skywalker and Han Solo?

Lauren in GA said...

Each and every picture is stunning. I love how she talks and her expressions. What a doll.

We had kind of the same scenario...but instead of princesses it was super heroes.

Amanda said...

Such CUTE pictures! When do you want to come up and take pictures of MY kids. Jonah had his picture taken at Target on Thursday, and they just didn't do him justice!

calibosmom said...

Too too cute! You are going to have to keep that little princess locked in a tower between the ages of 13-21. Beautiful!

Tonya said...

Adorable! I love the picture of her holding her fish. So cute. Sophia went through a stage where she wanted to be a pioneer everyday. She would dress up and carry her dollar store Bible everywhere, just like in the movie Legacy. We were to call her "Eliza". It was hilarious:0)