Sunday, March 22, 2009

what i saw....

last night i kissed our seven year old goodnight for the last time...

8 nani2 sepia

and this morning i hugged our eight year old for the first time!


our nani is 8 today!  that is just crazy! i can't believe that she has grown up so much, so fast! it seems like just yesterday that she looked like this:

age 2


last night, i went through the pictures that we have of her on our computer and it was a wonderful walk down memory lane! i'd like to share some of what i saw.


i saw, that even at the young age of 2 you were a wonderful big sister. you were never jealous or upset that this little sister of yours took some of our attention from you. you were excited and very willing to share your mommie/daddy time with her.


at 3, i saw that you were still very much in love with your sister. you were kind and gentle! you loved to wear matching clothes (and still do) with your sister.


i saw that you still didn't have very much hair! it was pretty funny to see you next to lia who was only 3 days younger than you! you definitely were hair challenged at three! i just laugh when i look at this picture because of how much hair lia has and how little hair you have!


at 4, i saw what a happy girl you are and always wanting to pose for the camera.


i saw that you developed a love for the water at a very young age:


at 5, i saw that you showed how brave and tough you are when your first loose tooth was knocked out by your sister when you were pushing her on the swing. you wanted to cry but instead you smiled:

5 nani3


i saw how much i love your beautiful, dark brown eyes:

5 Nani1


and your playful smile:

5 nani2


at 6, i saw how silly you are with your sisters. i love how much you make them laugh and how you love their sense of humor and laugh with them. you laugh easily, which is a wonderful quality to posses:

6 nani silly


i saw your laughter:

6 nani laughter


i saw how much color you bring into our life and family with your sweet spirit and thoughtful ways:

6 nani1


at 7, i saw that dimple that i love every time you smile. i love it because you got it from your daddy. i was reminded of how your smile can brighten up a room:

7 nani1


i saw how you let your light shine. i saw your zeal and excitement for life. you have a way of seeing people through the eyes of the Savior. you have a kind heart and a loving tenderness for others as seen, especially, in the way you watch out for and take care of your sisters:

7 nani2


i saw that you are a leader amongst your friends and family, someone that people look up to:

8 nani3


i saw how much you love your dad:

8 nani dad


i saw your sweetness in the patience and love you have for your sisters. you are full of such goodness:



nani, you are a blessing from our Heavenly Father and i thank Him everyday for sending you to our family!


happy 8th birthday, sweet nani! thank you for your example and for showing me how to be a better person!


i love you!

8 nani1

(*thanks malia for the last four photos! they are beautiful!)



Melissa-Mc said...

Happy Birthday, Nani! How has 8 years gone by SO fast? We met when you were 8 months pregnant with her. She is truly gorgeous and has ALWAYS been SO sweet!

Darilyn said...

This is so beautiful, Mahina. What a blessed mother you are.

Siouxsie said...

I will openly confess that this sweet homage to Noelani totally made me cry. It was in part because it is a reminder of my TWELVE year old baby who continues to grow but also to think that it's been over 8 years since I nervously approached you about taking my childbirth classes. What a special experience it was to get to work with you & Mitch and to meet Nani so early on in her life. There were a handful of exceptionally impactful experiences from my childbirth-education years and that is one of the most golden. Happy Birthday to Nani and we look forward to baptism pictures.

Michal said...

gorgeous photos, mahina (as always). what a sweet tribute to nani. hope she had a great birthday.

Nana said...

Thanks for letting me share those precious memories - and Happy Birthday to Nani. How wise you are to stop and reflect and savor.

calibosmom said...

Seriously gorgeous! She looks like a wonderful daughter-Happy Birthday!!!

Nikki said...

She has grown into such a beautiful girl. She really looks like you!

Grace said...

Nana is 8 already!!It seems like only yesterday she was born! These past 8 years have flown. Your write up of the past 8 years and Nana was fun to read.

Lauren in GA said...

What a beautiful girl she is! Inside and out...

your photography has always been amazing!

Amanda D said...

I didn't realize that our oldest kids were so close in age. My oldest was 8 a couple days ago too.

She's beautiful, and I enjoyed all the pictures!

Sarah said...

Out of all the girls, I think Nani looks the most like you. Kids grow up way too fast! I love that picture of the girls with those giant lollipops!

Kristi said...

Such a sweet post! She looks so much like you and yet I can see bits of Mitch popping through too. Happy Birthday Nani!

Malia said...

Happy birthday Nani!!! What a nice post! I love all the photos! Its so cool to see how she has grown!

Scott-n-Allison said...

I have always thought that Nani favored Mitch, but she sure looks like you in that last picture!

I leaned over to Lia and told her that it was Nani's birthday. She wants to know if you all can come to her baptism on Saturday. 4pm. What should I tell her? :)

Congratulations to Nani...Happy Birthday!

Becca said...

This last one of Noelani looks like you a little. Great picture. I can't believe she's 8