Thursday, September 13, 2007

things i've learned in the first grade

nani started the 1st grade, all day school, last week (is my baby actually big enough to be in school all day?? i can't believe it!) .

here are some of the things i've learned so far in the first grade:

  • waking up at 6:45 every morning doesn't get easier
  • getting to bed earlier because you have to get up early to get your daughter to the bus is just as hard
  • i am definately not a morning person
  • i am a night person
  • i get a lot more done when i am forced to wake up early
  • i enjoy all day school
  • there is never enough time at lunch to actually eat lunch, especially when recess is right afterward
  • errands are much easier with only 2 kids in tow
  • when your daughter's bus runs out of gas on the way home from school, you start to panick when said bus doesn't show up at 2:45
  • when your daughter tells you that her teacher has moved her desk several times you wonder why
  • the excitement for being woken up early for school wears off by about day 3
  • getting all three girls down for bed by 7:00 each night may actually become a reality(tonight at 6:45 lala told me she was tired)
  • having the girls in bed by 7:00 is amazingly wonderful
  • i like the 1st grade


Bridget said...

The bus driver ran out of gas?! Wow, that's one I haven't heard before. And yes, I love just having two kids at the store! I can feel a little more in control. That's funny Nani keeps getting moved. I have a hard time seeing it being because she was a 'problem child.'

Darilyn said...

They aren't moving her because of "Her". Teachers almost always move them around after the first week after they see who should be sitting where. The teacher is probably putting her by the talkers because she WON'T talk to them. I love this post Mahina. Is the early morning rising wearing off for Nani? I feel your pain. It wore off on Makenzie on day 2. Last year we made it a whole week! But I do love the feeling of knowing that they are somewhere safe (you hope) and doing something productive while you can be productive.

Merilee said...

A school bus without gas? Sounds fishy! What time did Nani get home?

Amanda said...

It is so great to just have two kids to run errands with, isn't it! I put N in preschool 3x a week, so sometimes I get to go out with just one kid!

Every morning when we wake T at 6:45, it is such a fight! What is with school starting so early? We put them in bed at 7:30, but that doesn't seem to be helping!

Michal said...

i love the list! and i am a big fan of early bedtimes. partly because my boys will be up before seven a.m. regardless of what time they went to bed, and partly because it gives hubby and me some sane time to be together each evening.
i can't believe that the school bus ran out of gas! outrageous!

Mahina said...

yeah, the bus ran out of gas, totally weird! i'll bet the bus driver felt a bit sheepish! she got home around 3:15. in fact, the bus drove past me as i was going to pick her up from the school!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, that was kind of freaky about the bus. But Alexis and Nani both had a blast! They just gave their mothers a heart attack. :-)

Rhonda said...

I have to tell you that I check your site often, and always enjoy your girls, and your photos. The garden day make me itchy to get in the dirt myself.

Mandy said...

So life has returned to "normal" after weeks of vacationing. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love to read your blog and how life is going.