Sunday, September 02, 2007

love radiating

tonight after we put the two oldest to bed in their shared bedroom, i was in the next room nursing kawena and this is what i heard:

lala (yelling): you never...

nani (softly chanting): i'm not listening

lala (still yelling) ever play...

nani: i'm not listening

lala: games with me!!!

nani: i'm not listening

lala (still yelling, only at the top of her lungs, now): you are a baloney, baloney, poop! (don't know where they come up with these creative names!)

nani (now yelling): just be quiet! i want to sleep and you are being to loud!

lala (yelling): i am not being loud!

nani: stop it! i'm going to sleep! quiet!


two minutes later lala is heard pounding or kicking (i can't tell which it was) the wall.

nani (quietly): stop that!

lala: i'm not listening, i'm not listening...

nani: lala stop kicking the wall!

lala: you're being to loud! stop talking!

can't you just feel the love radiating from their bedroom! the sisterly love is just too much! sharing rooms is such bliss!


Bridget said...

Oh how fun for you. Don't you love those moments? Tonight poor Ethan was trying to fall asleep and I hear Cole throwing his stuffed animals around and talking jibberish. It's good memories for them though right?

Malia said...

hahah! Thats so funny!

Merilee said...

bologna poop? That's a good one. I think I'll try that one out for myself.

Darilyn said...

Today during primary class (i subbed in Lala's class) lala and Maia were the only ones out of 6 that were listening to me at one point. She and Maia got an extra fruit snack for being so attentive to the lesson. She was soooo good in class today. I know this comment has nothing to do with what you posted but I had to share that with you!

Mahina said...

thank you, darilyn, for telling me. i just read this comment to lala and she told me all about it. she told me it was a "blind story". i'm glad she behaves in class!

Tutu lady said...

Life will always be lively with 3 girls! It's gonna get better and better or crazier and crazier. They do have lively conversations!