Thursday, September 13, 2007


me: nani are you gluing?

nani (from the other room): umm, yeah.

that didn't sound too convincing to me, but okay.

10 seconds later...

nani: uhhh, mom. where's the glue?

hmmm? didn't she just tell me she was gluing already?


Bridget said...

hmm, the case of the mystery glue. a. could it be she had it and then temporary lost it, tried to cover it up so she wouldn't get it trouble. or b she had given Kawena the glue as a rattle and was trying to act non-chalant about it all. or c. she didnt hear the question to begin with and just answered wiht a 'uh, yeah mom' just to shush you up.

Malia said...

so did you ever find out what she was doing when the question was asked by you??

Mahina said...

i think she was just playing in the bonus room with her sisters. i have no idea why she said "yes" when i asked her the question.