Saturday, September 08, 2007

one of God's creatures

while lala and i were planting new flowers in our yard yesterday we came across this:

it was pretty exciting. we had seen worms and roly poly bugs and caterpillars, but never a snake! i was very impressed that when i asked lala to hold it for a picture, she didn't even hesitate! that's my girl!

lala was excited to show nani when she got home from school and daddy when he got home from work. she found a temporary housing facility, in a shoebox just perfect for a snake, complete with dirt and weeds! we kept him there until nani and mitch got home. then lala said she wanted to keep him for one night. so we did!

this morning, before we released him back to his home, nani wanted to hold him. she was a bit squirmy with the snake and dropped him several times before mitch could snap this picture:

ahh! home at last!

good bye our slithery friend!


Rachel's Roost said...

AAAAHHHH!!! I can't beleive you let your pretty little girls hold that icky snake! I would FREAK out I'm sure if one of my boys brought it to me! :) I hate snakes!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ohh, you're sooo sweet to nominate me for that award! But the things I have been thinking to myself while I view these snake pictures may make you retract that nomination. I told you I HATE snakes, and now look what you've done. :-) BTW, the photography is awesome!

Tutu lady said...

Wow! What a cute snake. Your cousin (2nd cousin) got a snake for her birthday. Shanda's snake is called "Monty" he is a python. He is very cuddley. I held him right off the warming pad. Never held a warm snake before (not the least bit slimmy). Maybe I can get her to send me a picture of that lil beauty. Love ya'll, Tutu

Merilee said...

I love how you made the snake look massive in the first couple pics. That is some good stuff. You know Darilyn will not be able to comment on this because she is crying under her bed now! I'm sure she will recover when the snakes are not visable on the screen.

Malia said...

Wow! Those are some awesome pictures! The snake looks GINORMOUS (you know... gigantic and enormous) in the first pics... but in reality is just an itty bitty snake, harmless really! your girls are so funny... the way Lala is up for anything and Nani is a bit more hesitant or cautious. Love you guys!