Monday, September 17, 2007


this morning at breakfast lala and i saw a very cute squirrel on our back deck (advantages of having a forest for a backyard, many woodland creatures) and he/she was holding a nut in it's little paws. it was so cute.

just minutes ago, while eating lunch lala saw another squirrel out our window, but this one was in a tree.

lala: "i see another squirrel!"

me: "oh, is it the same one?"

lala: "no, this one has a little tummy. the other one had a little bit bigger of a tummy."

me: "oh."

lala: "i think this one is the mommie because mommies don't have big tummy's." (i hope she thinks that because of my tummy. haha!)

me: "except when they are..."

lala: "having a baby."

me: "that's right! maybe the other squirrel was the mommie and she was getting food for her babies."

lala: "yeah! it was the mommie because she had girl lips!"
me: (trying to keep a straight face) "oh really! and what do girl lips look like?"

lala: "i don't know. (thoughtful pause) actually, i do know."

me: "well what do they look like?"

lala: "well, i just can't tell you."

she leaves me no option but to conjure up my own image in my head . . .
so, this is what the squirrel with girl lips must have looked like!


Rachel's Roost said...

This is very cute! It gave me a chuckle!

Tutu lady said...

Where did you fing the squirrel with girl lips? I bet you made that up! Lala, you are so smart and cute. Love, tutu

Amanda said...