Saturday, September 08, 2007

oneonta falls x 2

if you'll remember last week, we went as a family on this hike. when darilyn read my post about the hike, she asked where it was because she wanted to hike it.

so, tuesday night we were at activity days and darilyn mentioned she was going to do the hike on wednesday. i thought how fun it would be to go again and by the end of the night i had invited myself to crash her hike with merilee. i didn't even realize that i had invited myself until later that night. then i began thinking, "how rude! you totally just invited yourself! she didn't even invite you and you just went ahead and said, 'hey i'm tempted to go too!'" so, then i started feeling pretty bad that i did that.

however, after doing the hike with darilyn and merilee, i'm really glad that i invited myself! they are two very awesome ladies! i had so much fun with them. when lala found out we were going again on the same hike she got really excited! but when she found out that darilyn was coming, her eyes got all big and she got the hugest smile on her face and said, "i love sister may!!" (darilyn had subsititued in lala's class in primary the sunday before) lala wanted darilyn to sit in the back with her on the drive to and from the hike and lala literally talked the whole way there. she just jabbered and jabbered. merilee and i were sitting in the front just laughing at how much that girl had to say!

this time around, i was wearing the baby on my back. merilee and darilyn took turns helping lala maneuver the log jam and they both carried her several times over the water! i couldn't have made it without their help! thanks! unfortunately, because of the baby i was unable to rockclimb over the deepest part of the river and it was deeper than i thought it was! whoa, it was cool and refreshing, and a bit shocking!!

thanks for letting me invite ourself on the hike. my girls and i really loved it! you two are so fun and i'd love to invite myself again sometime! (i hope you don't mind me stealing your picture, merilee)


Darilyn said...

I'm so glad we went on this together and I can't wait to do more. I'm so glad you wanted to come and it was not rude to invite yourself. It was rude of me to not say, "Hey, Mahina do you want to come with us?" I can be the biggest dork sometimes. I love lala. I can't believe the energy she has. I've forgotten how three year olds can be but it is soooo fun. I hope I get to substitute sunbeams again soon! I think I'll put a word in with her teacher that I'd like to be on the top of his substitute list!

Merilee said...

Oh, fun times! We need to find another cool place to hike now. And of course I don't mind you using the picture.