Sunday, October 21, 2007

cuddling, kissing, singing

many of you may remember this post about my "non-cuddly" baby. well, almost the exact day that i posted that she did a complete turn around. i wouldn't say that she is the cuddliest baby ever, but it seems like she actually enjoys when i wrap her in her blanket and sit down to hold her before putting her down to bed! it is so very sweet!

well, i just laid her down for her nap and she just wrapped herself right around my little finger as i rocked with her! i was holding her in my arms, all cozy in her blanket, while humming "lullaby and goodnight". she had her head resting on my shoulder when she suddenly lifted her head and puckered her lips as she leaned in to give me a kiss. i thought, "awww! that is so sweet!"
she laid her head back onto my shoulder and relaxed there for a moment. then, again, she lifted her head and puckered up and planted a big kiss on my lips, then laid her head back down. at this point i am just in heaven!

kawena did this several more times. then, she started "singing" with me while she lay on my shoulder, stopping only to kiss me!

i love sweet, private moments like these that i am so blessed to be a part of! the simple pleasures are what make up the important parts of our lives!


Bridget said...

What a great turnaround since your post. Maybe that post on lying will cure that problem too. :)

Those mom moments are the best. I remember the first time Cole said "I love you" back to me. Of course it was more like "I wove woo" but I got it!

Merilee said...

She must have really loved that pony tail.j/k. That is so adorable. what sweet little girls you have.

tutu lady said...

Ohhhh, and I just missed it by 5 days. I miss them all. Kawena is so special. What a sweetheart! You would miss it all if you were a working mom.(I mean outside the home)

Teresa said...

Awww...that is so sweet! I bet you were in heaven. TS loves to be squished and hugged and give kisses. He is super snuggly. Emma had to learn to be snuggly. She is quite snuggly now. I wonder if Kawena will be the same? The older she gets, the more affectionate she'll become. That's so sweet. I'm so glad she did that because it is so special!