Wednesday, October 17, 2007

other people's wishes

our weekend was pretty crazy, so my mom took us to baja fresh (oh so tasty) to get some take out. at this particular baja fresh, they have a water feature/fountain in the front entrance. so, while my mom got the food and i got the salsa from the salsa bar (yum yum), nani and lala wanted to play by the fountain.

i was about halfway through my salsa getting, when lala comes in and says to me, "mommie, we need a bag!"

"well, why do you need a bag?", i asked.

"so we can put all of this money in it!"

at this point, i actually turn around and look at her and she what she has in her dripping wet hands. proudly, she holds out her hands, face beaming with excitement (for all she knew she had struck it rich!), to show me her spoils. "mommie we got all of this money from the fountain and we need a bag to put them in! there's so many!" i wish i could have just pulled a bag out of my pocket and said, "have at it girl!" because of the look on her cute, little, innocent face, but my mommie side took over.

"oh, sweetie, you can't have those! they aren't yours. i need you to go put them back and tell nani she needs to put hers back, too!"

her face fell and she turned around to break the bad news to her big sister. "wow, that went surprisingly well," i thought.

i finished getting the salsa and met my mom at the front door to leave. as we walked out to the foyer of the restaurant, the first thing i saw was a very wet lala. second, my eyes came upon nani, who was reaching into the fountain bringing out handfuls of coins and adding them to the already enormous pile of extracted coins on the table. the last thing i saw, was the bottom of lala's pucci pups purse lined with coins.

"girls you can't take those, they are other people's wishes!" reluctantly, they threw all of the money back and we were able to get home and enjoy our baja fresh!


Bridget said...

That's funny. I can just imagine Lala's look of excitement.

Michal said...

they struck it rich and you had to go and ruin everything! don't you just hate bursting a child's bubble like that?

Malia said...

Awww! Thats so cute! Too bad you can't just take other people's wishes home with you huh?

Elizabeth said...

I liked how you explained the money being other people's wishes. There is nothing worse than taking the wind out of their sails. I with we could all stay young and innocent and lala-excited about life!

Tutu lady said...

I guess you missed the joy with which Lala threw her coins back at the fountain, full force. (bouncing off the rocks) Too much fun! She got to do this a few times (because she had soooo many)

Merilee said...

Your kids crack me up. Thanks for the Baja Fresh link. I've been needing that.

Darilyn said...

Did your girls make tons of wishes when they threw them back? Sounds like a good idea to me. I might try that.