Friday, October 19, 2007

walking, soccer, and squats....excellent sources of exercise

for the past week and a half kawena has been working hard at walking. though walking is not her first choice when it comes to mode of transportation, she is doing it more frequently and for longer distances.

here are two videos that my mom captured while she was here over the weekend.

she is very proud of her newfound abilities. i love the squats she does and the excitement with which she does them! too bad i don't share that excitement for squats! i would definately do them more often, that's for sure!


Elizabeth said...

Love the squats! We should all be more excited about exercise. Well, at least I need to be. She reminds me of Alexis at that age. She'd take a few tentative steps and then veer off and do a face plant into the sofa. So fun!

Bridget said...

Those are some great squats! Give her some free weights and get her into Stacey's powersculpt class.

Merilee said...

Man, she has always been so strong. I remember watching with amazement as she did her crunches too.