Friday, October 19, 2007

a tasty tradition

last saturday our baby turned 1 year old!!
by way of tradition, to celebrate the survival of and a healthy first year of life, we had a huge luau celebration. complete with a real hawaiian chef! yup, in fact, the best hawaiian cook i know! my very own dad!
the menu:
kalua pua'a (kalua pig)
teriyaki chicken
chicken long rice
chinese chicken salad
lomi salmon
haupia (coconut pudding)
waioli tea room carrot bread
the food was incredible! and true to form, my dad cooked more than enough and the guests were encouraged to take home plates of food to enjoy later! even after all the "take home plates", we are still eating left overs a week later! yummy!!
the weather, for oregon, couldn't have been better. it was actually sunny and clear, not a drop of rain or a hint of clouds. we couldn't have asked for a better day or better friends to celebrate with!
here are some pictures from the luau celebration:

here is a little slideshow of kawena eating her cake. we made sure to give her a piece that had a lot of brightly colored frosting! she enjoyed it very much!

i just love baby hands and fingers, so naturally i love this photo!

happy birthday baby girl! we love you so much and you are an absolute joy to our family!! you truly are the "rosy reflection of the sunrise" in our home!


Bridget said...

I gotta tell ya, that was the best one year old birthday party I've ever been to! I mean really, how do you top that? The food was amazing. Cute pictures too. I wonder at what age do we stop enjoying frosting in our hair? Is it a learned behavior or does it come merely with age?

Malia said...

Hahaha!!! I love the cake eating! Kawena you did such a great job!!! Shes getting a lot more hair now! Wow I am so jealous that you are still eating left overs!!! You could have sent some our way! We'd help you out on that for sure!!! PS... love the muu muu! Loves!

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad your oven is on the fritz. We were the very happy recipients of delicious leftovers and the to-die-for beef jerky/flank steak stuff. Thanks for a great party. And that Kawena, well, what can I say, but she's adorable! :-)

Katie Smith said...

What a fun tradition! It makes me miss my days at BYU-Hawaii...nothing quite like a true Hawaiian feast! Happy Birthday to Kawena, she is absolutely adorable in her little muu are too!

Michal said...

the food looks incredible. if i had your dad around, my kids might get big birthday parties for their first! we usually just have a small family party, but i love the idea of the traditional luau. how fun. congrats to kawena on making it to one!:)

Darilyn said...

Fun times!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl! It sounds like such fun, what a great tradition.

Rachel's Roost said...

Such fun! We had a great time and left with very happy tummies!

tutu lady said...

I'm so glad that I was there. But somehow, I missed the cake eating Kawena. So happy to have the pictures. Love ya'll

Merilee said...

That was such a great time, and your family is so fun to watch. You're all just so welcoming and fun. Love the cake eating demonstration!