Monday, November 17, 2008

picking up where i left off...

about a month ago, i left the blogging world with "birthday week", so it would only seem appropriate to pick up there.


that saturday, the 4th of october, was a pretty crazy day for me. not only was it general conference with a 2 hour meeting scheduled every 4 hours starting at 9:00 in the morning and ending sometime around 7:00 pm, but i ALSO planned something during both 2 hour breaks in between conferences. i don't know why i seem to do that! i overbook myself so that a day that should be spent relaxing and reflecting on the words of the prophet and apostles, turns into a crazy day of rushing from here to there. i guess i just haven't learned yet to just enjoy that day!


as scatterbrained as the day was, i had a great time. between the morning and afternoon session of conference we celebrated kale'a's birthday (a week early because we were packing all day on her actual birthday). the thing that made it craziest was the weather. kale'a wanted a teddy picnic party, and all of you familiar with october weather in oregon know that it is very unpredictable! and, sure enough, it was raining all day and all night friday. i was praying for sunshine, but saturday morning dawned cold and drizzly!




so, we changed the location of the party from the park to our house. however, at the last minute, like 30 minutes before the party was supposed to start, it wasn't raining and the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds, just a little bit. so, i called everyone and told them that we changed our minds again, and were going to do it at the park.


so, i rushed over there and set up the lunches on a picnic blanket on the somewhat soggy grass. i had brought some "teddy bear picnic" books to read to the kids while they ate their teddy bear shaped sandwiches and teddy graham snacks and gummy bears.



however, it was laid out there for all of 5 minutes when the clouds decided to shower forth a bit of moisture!


dang it!


so, i gathered everything up and went for plan b:

plan b


the great thing about kids they don't seem to get bothered by minor things like a really cold, windy, wet day. they just enjoy the moment! kale'a doesn't even seem phased by it! however, nani does look a bit cold, but hey, it's the birthday girl that needs to enjoy it, right?!


after lunch/story time, we took the kids on a teddy bear hunt. here is kale'a holding the bear (i love how maia has her bear stuffed up in her jacket! the bear must have been cold!):

the bear


mitch was the hunting guide in the dark, scary forest:

the hunt


after the bear was found by each child, we got out the pinata, because what 5 year old party is complete without one?! everyone got a swing or two or three at the bear, but for some reason it didn't break open! until we gave the "big" kid a chance (maia's older brother, sam stayed to help out and it is a good thing he did because he had to whack it a couple of times before the candy spilled out).


i have to put this picture up because it just cracks me up! look at kale'a's face. doesn't it look like she is mad or crying or both!? it just makes me laugh because she wasn't mad or crying! sometimes it is funny what the camera captures!

lala pinata


we ended with presents and the cake! which was amazing! thanks again to stephanie! isn't this cake so cute! the bears were little cocoa crispies! she did a great job, yet again!

the cake


happy birthday kale'a! we love you! you bring such a ray of sunshine into our home and family. and just as the meaning of your name suggests, you truly are a "delightful one" (even with chocolate cake on your lips!)!



this post is already long enough, so i will have to save the sharing of what i did during the second 2 hour break between the afternoon and the preisthood sessions of conference for my next post!


oh the suspense!!


Malia said...

And she's back!!! Looks like a fun time! And i'm lovin Lala's hair! Hadn't seen it for a while with you being M.I.A. and everything.

Rachel's Roost said...

OOooo! I am especially excited to see what you did during that time, you crazy, overscheduled lady!!! :) And of course, it's fine! So glad to have you back! I've been in Mahina Withdrawl!

Kara said...

I am so glad you are back! Thank you for sharing with us.

Chelle said...

It's so nice to hear from you again, I've been missing your posts and your comments. I'm especially glad to hear you had a safe move.

tutu lady said...

I'm so sad to have missed her party and our birthdays.
Maybe next year.

Melissa-Mc said...

Such a cute party! Cool people are born on her birthday.

Bridget said...

That birthday was so fun. I just LOVE Lala's haircut. It looks so adorable in that last photo.

Danielle said...

What a fun mom you are! Isn't Oregon weather great!?! Glad to see you back and blogging away.

Becca said...

sounds like fun party. I love that last picture of Kale'a

jessica said...

What a cute idea for a party. I think I may steal it for Eden's party this summer...

And Lala's haircut is so darling! I love her short hair. She reminds me of my Maya.

Elizabeth said...

I loved that cake! I'm so glad the sun was shining, although I wish Brandon had gone. He would have had so much fun!

Ilene said...

When living in Oregon, you always have to have a plan "B."

I bet the thing you will have to worry about next year is if it is too HOT to have an outside party.