Wednesday, November 19, 2008

during my second break...a photo shoot

after kale'a's birthday party i listened to what was left of the afternoon session of conference as i scanned through some photographer websites to get ideas for the photo shoot that i had with the wilde family that afternoon. they were my guinea pigs for one of my first photo shoots last year (almost to the day, funny!)  we actually weren't sure if the weather would cooperate, but alas, the sun did shine.


so, i went back to the same park that we had spent the morning at for the teddy bear picnic and i had a great time doing another photo shoot with this cute family.


here are a few shots from last years shoot:

bwCopy of family3.jpeg  family1.jpeg

familytree.jpeg  bwCopy of monkeys in a tree.jpeg


rachel was pregnant during last years photo session, so this year we had an extra little, and very cute, person to add to the family mix and photos.


i'd like to think that i have improved over the last year. what do you think?

boys at table2 bw


emilee troy


family on woodpile troy


Ethan Emilee bw 


 boys behind tree  family on table


rachel n gordon2 troy lux


i am still fine tuning my photography skills and i know i have a long way to go, but i really enjoy being behind the camera capturing the lives of others! thanks wilde's for letting me shoot your family again! i'll miss our annual photo shoot next year when october conference rolls around!


after the photo shoot, i was finally able to relax at elizabeth's house as she prepared a delicious breakfast for dinner while our hubby's were at the priesthood conference session and our kids played outside! it was exactly what i needed after such a hectic day! thanks, e!


Brian, Kandra and Brandon said...

Those turned out so great! I'm curious, what kind of camera do you have? I want to get better at taking photos and I am kind of getting tired of my dinky point and shoot :)

tutu lady said...

Oh, yes. You are getting better and better. What a bunch of cuties! Is the last one a little girl?

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing as usual. Glad to see ya back and blogging!

Mahina said...

kandra, thanks! i have a nikon d200 digital slr. i absolutely love it!

Bridget said...

Excellent work, Mahina!

Rachel's Roost said...

We will miss you too! We might have to get you up here once every fall. . . I'm going to be missing my photographer!

jessica said...

You have some serious skills! I feel the same way about being behind the camera. I'd take it more seriously if there weren't so much competition out here. So for now I will just have fun doing it for friends and family...

Ilene said...

It's fun to see your progress! The pictures are beautiful and I want that dress Rachel is wearing.

Amanda said...

Those look fantastic! Maybe we'll have to put you to work the next time you're in town!