Monday, November 24, 2008


sorry, the blog is probably hard to follow with me jumping back and forth from past to present, but i really want to get all the "moving" stuff down on "paper", so to speak, so i can just stay in the present! i am getting closer to being done with catching up, so just indulge me for a moment longer in time.


the long road trip, day 4:

not much exciting happened until our fourth day on the trip to albuquerque. it was pretty much just a bunch of driving! the girls did fantastic, though. we wanted to do something fun that the girls would enjoy to break up all the driving.


so, on our fourth day, we were driving through utah and decided to take the girls to arches. they were super excited!


unfortunately, i was not able to get a closer look because i had been bleeding a little bit since we had left oregon and needed to stay off my feet as much as possible. so i stayed in the car while mitch took all three girls for a closer look at the arches. i got a little nap and they got some great pictures.

nanilala in arch

i was surprised they got a picture with no one else in it. it was super crowded that day because the weather was gorgeous!


holding up arch

lala holding up the arch, love the look on her face!


mitch n girls

i took this picture after they got back to the car. it's not a very good picture because the lighting is horrible, but i love it because of kawena. she stood next to that railing and looked at mitch and saw his hand on his hip. so, she looked back at me and put her little hand up on her hip just like her daddy! too cute!


in the car

back in the car before we head back to the interstate.


arches sillouette

this is my favorite shot that mitch took of nani's silhouette through the arch! i love the blue sky in the background.


we are sure glad we stopped and we plan to go back again when we have a little more time to take a tent for camping! the girls really loved it!


Rachel's Roost said...

Wow! Beautiful photos. You are both talented! We LOVE arches. It's an awesome place for a day trip, or a camping trip. Hey, would you post your new e-mail so we have it? Thanks!

Ilene said...

I love your pictures. Your girls are simply adorable. Them coupled with your photography skills just make for great pictures.

Bridget said...

Love arches! How fun that you got to stop there. The photo of Mitch and Kawena arms on hips is so funny.

Michal said...

gorgeous spot, gorgeous girls, gorgeous pictures. looks like a great stop!

Darilyn said...

I love arches too. We went a year and a half ago and have pictures in some of the same spots. I guess a lot of people do, huh? Anyway, is it possible that Nani could already have grown in the amount of time that you have been gone? I swear she looks older in this picture.

Pineapple Princess said...

Spectacular photos! It is hard to play catch up but thanks for indulging us.

Guess I need to be making a trip there since I think our family is the only one who hasn't been.

ashley said...

so you both have mad photo skills! its good to hear the girls were so good on the road trip, that is one long drive!

Sarah said...

That first picture is magnificent! What a beautiful world the Savior created!

Malia said...

How fun! Sorry you didn't get to get out there with them! So looks like Mitch will be able to 2nd shoot for you now! haha! I also love the group shot with Kawena showing such style and attitude! Very cute!

Becca said...

beautiful pictures.

jessica said...

Looks amazing! What nice parent you are to let your kids out of the car on a road trip. We aren't so nice. I just want to get to my destination...but now seeing your pictures I think I would make an exception for those arches!

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm glad you were able to make a fun vacation out of it.

Nani sure looks like her mama.

Scott-n-Allison said...

I've never been to Arches...after that arch fell earlier this year, I've decided that it's definitely some place we need to go!

Your pictures just made me want to go more!

Diana said...

...The pic of Nani in the car looks just like Mommie. :)As always, love reading your blog! Miss ya :)

Diana said...

...The pic of Nani in the car looks just like Mommie. :)As always, love reading your blog! Miss ya :)