Saturday, November 22, 2008

happy day!

the girls and i spent all afternoon doing this:

hard at work


making this:

welcome home


then writing this:






and this:



and mixing this:

nani kawena bake


and this:

lala bake


to bake cookies to welcome home him:


oh wait, we were to busy welcoming him home to take a picture!

we are so happy, excited, relieved, and beyond ourselves with joy to have daddy home!!


Darilyn said...

How cute! I love the sidewalk chalk.

ashley said...

sounds like you guys had a great last week in oregon. moving away from friends is so hard to do! hope you guys are getting all settled!

Sarah said...

Nani looks so very grown up in that pic in front of the garage.

Bridget said...

Mitch doesn't travel much huh? If we did that for every time Nathan was gone, we'd have no time for anything else in our life!

I was hoping your great news was that your house sold!

jessica said...

I am happy you have your man home. I hate it when Aric travels, we did that for seven years. Every other week he was gone for three days...HATED IT!

I love that you can even do sidewalk chalk this time of year! You have some budding artists I can tell!

calibosmom said...

That is a great welcome home sign. Glad he's home!

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm glad you are all reunited again. My kids love to make signs for Jesse when he comes home from business trips also.

Becca said...

what a wonderful welcome home from his cute family.

Scott-n-Allison said...

Scott was glad that Mitch called for a movie...we fully expect this to happen EVERY time one of you comes in to town, now!

tutu lady said...

This is the sweetest thing. I'll bet Mitch loved all the wellcoming. Love you all.