Thursday, November 27, 2008

how would you feel if you were a turkey?

have you ever asked yourself that question?


well, nani did and this was her answer:

if i were a turkey


here's a closer look:

if i were a turkey close

if you still can't read it, she wrote:

"How would I feel if I were a turkey?

If I were a turkey I would be scared and i would not like Thankggiving."


i'm guessing that is just about how i would feel, too!


here's hoping that your turkey is not scared and that you like thanksgiving!


i know we will!


tutu lady said...

Nice Turkey, Nani. good writing too.
I enjoyed Thanksgiving. Hope you did too!

Sarah said...

That is too cute! She's right.

Bridget said...

That was so funny! I really did laugh out loud at that one and usually I type LOL when I don't ACTUALLY laugh out loud. But that was really good.

ericandjanine said...

You know, I've never really thought of it from the turkey's view point.

We had a great Thanksgiving. We really miss you guys and needless to say we haven't played "our usual games" since you left. How was Mitch's trip back to Oregon? How did you do Mahina? We think of you guys all the time. Take care,
the Grover's

Tonya said...

That is hilarious!

Melissa-Mc said...

That is so cute!