Tuesday, November 23, 2010

while you were in the hospital...

note: this post was supposed to be up back before my release from the hospital, BEFORE the babies were born, but i was having some video upload problems. i finally figured it out, so enjoy our little monkey! my favorite video is the last one!

one thing that has been hard about being in the hospital is all of the things i have been missing of the girls! especially mae mae! she is at the age where she is learning so much! for example, when i was admitted to the hospital she maybe said 10 words.

mae mae is a super monkey now. since i was admitted to the hospital she strted climbing out of the crib. that caused some problems for nap time with many of the wonderful people who were watching our girls!

the lack of napping led to this many nights at the dinner table:

mae mae is an extremely strong girl! she obviously has a lot of upper body strength! last night mitch made the observation that she will probably be great friends with her brother's, a bit of a tomboy. i think that would be great! she is the closest in age to them so it would make sense! here she is showing off her mean strength, maybe she's just super eager to help with the dishes! awesome!


Rachelle said...

Not only is Mahea strong, but she has amazing balance, too! The way she held herself up on the edge of the sink with just her core muscles . . . amazing!

Lauren in GA said...

Whoa!!! She is strong!!!! And so adorable!!