Tuesday, November 23, 2010

on the eve of my hospital release

wow!  so, we actually made it this far. the doctors didn’t think i would make it to 35 weeks, but after almost 5 weeks of laying in a hospital bed i am one day away from being sent home.  this is the eve of my hospital release!


in honor of such a big day, i decided to post some pictures of my stay here and to share some of my observations and thoughts on hospital bed rest when pregnant with twins…

34weeks 2daysinbed

this is me in my hospital bed 4 days ago (34 weeks + 2 days) 

  • my first observation is that i am HUGE!  look at that belly!!
  • my second observation is that the nurses have been lying to me!! I SEE STRETCH MARKS!!!  a sad realization, to be sure, but probably not wholly unexpected!!
  • i am so grateful for cell phones and texting!  while in the hospital for an extended length of time, having a connection to the outside world is crucial to ones sanity!  (i think i was talking to my dad in the above picture)


  • visits from our girls always brightened my day.  i looked forward every week to sunday when mitch and the girls come to visit me.


  • when mitch calls and asks if i want him to bring mae mae or if he should leave her at barbmom’s for their sunday visit, always tell him to bring her because when he shows up without her you will regret it and be sad!
  • even though mae mae is into everything and wants to climb all over me it is still better when she is visiting!  it causes a lot more stress, but it is so worth seeing her excitement at seeing me!!
  • the hospital has great juice and cool straws (the little red coffee stir straws) because the girls ALWAYS have to get some while they are here.
  • the nurses love our girls!

2010Nov14_0004     2010Nov14_0009

  • showering every three days makes for very greasy hair on the last day!
  • i have not fixed my hair or worn make-up for 5 weeks straight!
  • laying around in bed all day makes you always look tired with puffy eyes!
  • my legs have gotten really hairy with only one electric shaving the whole 5 weeks i’ve been here, thanks to nurse kim for the grooming!
  • it’s easy to become friends with your nurses when you get the same nurses several times a week!!
  • apparently, not all patients are happy and nice.  i have been called “the nice patient who doesn’t ever need anything” and “the happy, positive patient”!
  • nurses really like nice, friendly patients!!


  • i love the art work on my whiteboard.  nani and kale’a drew these for me when they came for a visit.  i love the babies that nani drew. they are so cute and tiny!  the nurses love the babies, too!  i love the cheery bright colors that kale’a put up for me to look at everyday!
  • when you’re in the hospital, unable to see your family daily, it is VERY important to have a picture of them close by so you can look at them!


  • i stare at this picture on my wall A LOT everyday!!!  and, without fail, it always makes me smile!
  • i REALLY miss my husband!
  • the longer i lay in a hospital bed the more my body starts to ache ALL OVER!  the last few nights have been especially difficult! no matter what side i sleep on my shoulder or my elbows, or my hip or my knee, or my back screams out at me in protest!
  • nighttime is especially lonely!
  • when i’m alone, in the dark, trying to sleep is when my mind runs wild.  nighttime is when i worry the most about every little contraction, or twinge in my cervix.

34weeks 2daysfront

  • the hospital dietary needs a bigger variety for long-term patients!  i mean, REALLY!!
  • getting dressed in your clothes everyday makes me feel much better. i think i wore a hospital gown for the first 2 maybe 2 1/2 weeks before my doctor told me i didn’t have to wear the hospital gown, but could wear my own clothes!!
  • free wi-fi totally ROCKS!!
  • when you lay in bed all day except to get up to go potty, your muscles get REALLY weak!  it doesn’t help that i am lugging around two 6 pound babies, either!
  • my belly is heavy to carry around!
  • mechanical beds are a lifesaver!  it’s much easier to get out of bed!
  • even though my bed is a tempurpedic, my body still gets sore, just not as quickly as it would if it wasn’t a tempurpedic!
  • i would have died without the fan they gave me from labor and delivery.  the nurses like my room because it is “so fresh” and cool. 
  • it’s a strange thing to look out my window everyday and see sunshine, especially now that everyone is talking about how cold it is.  i look out and it looks exactly the same as the day i came in, so i just assume it is still warm.


  • one of the greatest things i love to hear from the nurses or doctors is, “the boys are looking great!!”  music to my ears!
  • the other thing i love to hear is, “they are both head down!”
  • twin boys move A LOT!!  i look at my belly and it is crazy to see it move so much!!
  • even with good veins i.v.’s are never fun to get started.  my veins seem to roll out of the way when the nurses are trying to get a new iv line in.  twice i have been stuck in 4 different places before they actually got it in.  the frustrating thing is that they haven’t used the i.v. since i was admitted 4 weeks ago!!
  • i.v.’s in the hand suck!!
  • a good i.v. is worth it’s weight in gold!  i have had this one stay good since the 9th of november!
  • getting woken up in the middle of the night from a dead sleep to take your medicine is not fun!  they wake me at midnight and 6 am every day!


the most important observations that i have made are these:

  • miracles happen!
  • prayers are answered!
  • a good ward family is an amazing thing!
  • marrying mitch was the BEST decision i EVER made, hands down!
  • our girls are extraordinary!
  • i don’t know how we could have gotten through this without the gospel or our knowledge and faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and our loving Father in Heaven!  SERIOUSLY!
  • i know our Heavenly Father is mindful of us and He loves our family because he gave us this trial so we could be made stronger.  and i believe that we have been made stronger individually and as a family!
  • faith can bring about marvelous things!
  • these boys are going to be a huge blessing to our family!


ashley said...

k- your rocking that belly full of boys like no ones business. i think your look great!

so happy for you and glad that miracles happen!

can't wait to see those little boys soon!

The Yoder's Four said...

I'm so glad you get to go home tomorrow! No more IV's and boring food! Your family must miss you so much. Congrats to everyone for making it through 5 weeks. :)

Rachel's Roost said...

Mahina! We are so excited for you! This was a fun post to read. I can't imagine staying in a hospital this long. But I know what you mean about weak. When I did 6 weeks on my back pregnant with Aidan, it was time to get up, and I had to really work at it. Just sitting up was literally exhausting! I would sit for 10 minutes then have to lie down again. Luckily, your strength will come back fast! Have a great Thanksgiving! I hope you get a night or two at home before the boys make their big entrance!

Tela said...

I don't know if it is cuz I am hormonal but I think it was something more this touched me and made me cry thanks for sharing.

Sister Aguilar

Siouxsie said...

I love that you're sharing this experience with all of us, especially the pictures. You are such a beautiful person, inside & out, and we're just so crazy excited for you guys!

Danielle said...

You look great for having 2 babies in there. I looked like that with one. So glad things have gone well for those babies. Can't wait to hear all about their entry into this world.

Amanda said...

You made it! Yahoo! You're amazing! I hate I.V.'s in the hand too! Ugh! I'm glad you'll be home for Thanksgiving. Keep us posted and good luck!!!

tutu lady said...

Lots of good information here. Very interesting! I'll have to talk about the pictures later.(they'r not all showing themselves). I'm so excited to hear about home but can't interrupt your family time. Have a great THANKSGIVING. We have much to give thanks for!

Rachelle said...

hooray!!! you made it!!! i can't wait for the next post!!!

Lauren in GA said...

My veins roll, too. They had to call the IV team several times.

I have no doubt you were a cheerful and positive patient. I got really close to my nurses. I get misty when I think of all they did for me.

You look GREAT! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgivng and I am excited to see your baby boys!

jessica said...

You look awesome! I can't imagine two babies moving inside, one is crazy enough! I'm so glad you are home!

Rachel's Roost said...

Mahina! What's the news! I can't stand this suspense! I get way too wrapped up in other peoples babies. . .

Mandy said...

You are an AMAZING, STRONG, POSITIVE woman!! Not too many people would have such a positive outlook on being bedridden for 5 WEEKS! I can hardly wait to see the post about the BOYS!!