Friday, November 05, 2010

kawena, my little buddy


this kid has my heart 110%!!  she is such a joy to be around and at such a fun age!  her happiness and love for life is contagious!  she is bright and funny and smart!  she is sneaky and clever!  she is so full of love and so lovable!  she thinks of others, especially her sisters!  she loves her sisters, she loves her daddy, and she loves her mommy! she loves to sing and she loves to dance:


2010Sep27_0001  2010Sep27_0002  2010Sep27_0003  2010Sep27_0004


i think this is because she has such a free spirit!  and i love it!  she is so much of what i wasn’t at her age!  she can make friends instantly and calls everyone her best friend.  she just makes it easy to love her!  she loves to laugh and have fun!



it is her love for life and her energy that i have been especially missing this week!  since school started, she and i have become good buddies and i’ve been missing my little buddy, a lot! 

she seemed to be struggling a little bit this week, so mitch suggested that she come visit me in the hospital. just kawena and i for a few hours!  i thought it was an awesome idea!


there was no preschool today, so today was our day!!  mitch packed her a bag with coloring books, crayons, books, and games to fill our time together.  our neighbor and good friend, erin, drove her to the hospital, dropped her off and then went to run some errands.


we had such a fun time. kawena climbed into bed with me and we started by reading the books. once we finished those kawena wanted to play some games. so, we played 2 games of candyland (i won the first game and she won the second), and then we played operation. it was so cute because every time she touched the metal side with her tweezers it always made her jump a little and she’d scream! she kept saying, with a giggle, “the buzzing scares me!” we were awesome surgeons!!


for the rest of the time until erin was finished with her errands, we colored in her coloring book!  we helped each other pick just the right colors for our pictures and they were so beautiful when we were finished!




it was a wonderful morning!  we didn’t do anything extraordinary, just the simple everyday things a mother does with her child, but it was the highlight of my week!  i was able to get my kawena fix.   i can’t hang out with my little buddy everyday right now, so for this short blip in our long life together i will be grateful for these moments!  i will cherish having her warm little body cuddled next to mine in my hospital bed while i helped her brothers grow.


as she was getting ready to leave she got close to me and whispered, “mommy, i want you to come home with me right now.”  i told her that i wanted to go too and explained to her why i could not.  then, like someone much older than her 4 year old self, she accepted it, gave me a big hug and a kiss, and said, “I LOVE YOU!!” and with a content smile on her sweet little face she walked out of my hospital room!


like i said, she is so easy to love!!


Nadia and Jeremy said...

I agree! I love Kawena too! What's not to love???

Malia said...

Love it! What a fun day! Love you! Its nice that you have time to blog a lot too huh?!

Rachelle said...

Sweet little "Bagenna"! You should have heard the prayer she said the other night before bed - so sweet and so much more grown up than most 4 year olds ever give! She called Mahea over and helped her fold her arms before she started her prayer, too. Such a sweetheart! I forgot about it until reading this post . . .

Danielle said...

If you keep writing these wonderful posts, you are going to have to start sending me tissues. You had me in tears once again. What a sweet girl.

tutu lady said...

What a great post! wonderful pics. Love you and Kawena! I also love Nani, LaLa, Mahea and Mitch too. Miss ya'll. But not for long it seems.

Lauren in GA said...

What a doll she is!!! I love that she got some special time with you!!

What a good girl to leave the hospital so bravely. She's a total sweetheart. I remember when you did that fun post about how she was hungry late at night and told you she was, "stau-ving" (or something like that. ☺) You gave her Ritz crackers so she wouldn't be stau-ving.