Monday, July 27, 2009

oh baby i love your ways

do you remember that song from ub40? i loved that band back in the day! great memories! well, that is how i feel about our 1/2 year old baby. i love her ways!


what “ways” do i love?

  • i love her smile
  • i love her easy-going, happy disposition
  • i love how she rolls around the den to get to her toys and remains content for a good hour doing it
  • i love that she loves being held by other people
  • i love how much she splashes in the bathtub
  • i love that she is ticklish
  • i love that she doesn’t stay upset for very long
  • i love her little fingers and toes
  • i love that she hangs out with her big sisters
  • i love that she is still working for those abs of steel doing daily crunches


  • i love how she blows bubbles before she gets really upset
  • i love her “energizer bunny” energy
  • i love that whenever you give her any sort of attention she grins from ear to ear and lights up the room
  • i love how she has discovered her toes and sucks on them
  • i love how she gets excited when she is laid down beneath any moving fan and she kicks and swings her arms and makes happy noises
  • i love how she sucks on her bottom lip (a definite teething thing)


  • i love those big, deep, brown eyes
  • i love that she only wakes up once at night, but am looking forward to the time when she sleeps through the night
  • i love her curiosity for things around her
  • i love that she has chunky baby fat
  • i love that she finally had a tooth break through on saturday just in time for her 1/2 birthday today
  • i loved feeding her avocado today for her first solid food experience
  • i love that she snorts when she laughs
  • i love her laughter
  • i love that when she gets up on her knees she leaves her face on the floor and pushes herself forward (i’m surprised she doesn’t have a rug burn on her forehead yet)

there are so many ways of hers to love!



happy half birthday, mahealani (she’s an actual age now!)


calibosmom said...


jessica said...

What a dolly! I think we need to really set her and Camden up in 20 years or so...

hoalawman said...

She really is beautiful. I hope I get to know her someday. I am sure she is just as full of life as the others!

Melissa-Mc said...

There is no way she can be 6 months already! She is so cute. I just want to squeeze her.

tutu lady said...

Mahalo for the pictures and especially the video! Love seeing my littlest moopuna. I'm , missing all this!

Grace said...

maybe you have a future swimmer there Mahina? She is so cute...such a mix of all your other cute!!

ashley said...

ok, those pictures rule. she is so cute. this post almost, read that almost, makes me want to have another baby soon! what a sweetheart!

Rachelle said...

Ella was here with me as I scrolled through this posting and now she keeps begging me to "go to the baff again!" Mahealani is aDORable!!!

Katie Smith said...

My word she is adorable! Oh and Evelyn does that same little crunching thing. It cracks me up!

And, to answer your question, yes...Max is much happier these days (despite the red face pic). We've been taking him to physical therapy for his neck (he was only looking to the right and flattening his head as a result). Anyway, turns out he's had a horrible crick in his neck! Poor guy. He's so much happier now. Thanks for asking.

Malia said...

Aww happy 1/2 Bday!!!! Love all the photos and love this girl!!!

Lauren in GA said...

She is such a beauty. I love that smile!!