Tuesday, July 14, 2009

late night “conversation”


last night kawena got up at 12:08 because she was “stauy-ving”. i was actually just about to get into bed, so i thought i could “quickly” give her a few crackers and get to bed.


well, i got her 7 ritz, or “circle crackers” as she calls them and sat down at the table across from her. she began to talk to me in a whisper as she slowly ate her 5 crackers.


as i sat there listening to her chatter on, i was amazed at how easily she could go from one subject to the next without having a lull in the conversation. i use the term “conversation” loosely because all i really did was interject a “uh-huh” or a “really” every now and then. after sitting with her and listening i realized that i should write some of these things down as she spoke because they were so random and funny.


so, this is what i could scribble on a scrap piece of paper as she rambled on late last night. this is not all-inclusive because i only started writing about have way through her “conversation”, i wish i had gotten it all:


k: “i am growing this tall. will i still be kawena when i am tall?”

me: “yes, you will always be kawena.”

k: “yay! i get to be kawena when i am tall! i am growing tall so that i can clean the toe-let. when nani wakes up i want to tell nani and lala that logan (her cousin who is 5) can grow taller to come to our house and we can clean the toe-lets! (apparently, only tall people can clean toilets in our house and it is an exciting thing for “little” people to grow taller so they can do it!) i want to clean lala’s toe-let and logan can clean your toe-let!” (won’t logan be excited!)


k: takes a bite of her cracker and continues…..”when the sun was going down there was a bug in my eye. they were like bees and i grabbed one and put it in my milk cup (she motions holding a bug in her hand and putting it in her cup on the table), but we can’t drink them.” chuckle.


me: yawning, “can you eat your cracker, please?”

k: takes another bite, “i was naked and lala was having clothes on, but me wasn’t having clothes on (she was telling me about dinner because i was not there). daddy asked me, ‘why you don’t have clothes on?’” chuckle, chuckle, “that’s funny!”


me: becoming more tired by the minute, “can you eat your cracker?” she only has one more left on her plate.

k: looking at her ONE cracker and holding it up,  “but me don’t like these crackers!”

me: “you’ve already had 6 of them!”

k: takes a bite, “i got some salt in my eyes.”


more chattering about more random things that i didn’t write down….


me: “can you eat your cracker, please?”

k: “okay.” picks it up, “but it’s like a boat. it’s like a tiny boat.”

takes a tiny bite, “it’s like another boat, mama.  lala was touching that light in the living room when she was standing on the chair.”


k: taking her last bite, “i’m done!”

me: “thank goodness!”

k: “what? did you say ‘good’?”

me: “yup!”

k: “oh”


i look at the clock and it reads 12:54am! who knew it took 46 minutes and A LOT of chatter for a 2 year old to eat 7 crackers in the middle of the night!! who knew? it surprised me!


though i was exhausted, i really enjoyed our whispered “conversation” and she still blows me away with her constant chatter and how well she speaks for such a little lady! i love her little, sometimes too loud, voice and i will miss it when she is older.




thanks little bug for entertaining my exhausted little brain last night! it was an unexpected ending to a very long day! i love you!


Sarah said...

That is very sweet. I love how quickly they move from one thought to another. It's the best. I love hearing what little kids have to say. It can be so random.

Kristi said...

What a little cutie! I just love their chatter - it kind of reminds me of "Goob" from "Meet the Robinsons"! My girls chatter on and on too. Charley is a pro at it and is always the last one sitting at the dinner table!

Amanda said...

So cute! My 3 year old little Sarah is the same way. She says the MOST random things. I'm so glad you wrote some of Kawena's down. I keep thinking I should do that with Sarah because whenever I try to remember what it was she said I can't . . . because it was SO random!

ashley said...

what a sweet lil girl. working you over at night for some alone time! i love how 2 year olds think!

PIP said...

Who knew cracker could induce such a darling conversation?

I applaud you for having such a kind heart to stay up when you probably were very tired.

I also applaud your awesome photo skillz. I love, love, love her face in this picture!

tutu lady said...

What a cute lil' patriot. I hope she still talks like that the next time i see her. She's growing up sooooo fast! I hate it when that happens. Especially when I'm not looking. Love to all the girls (including you) & Mitch.

Darilyn said...

what a sweet thing to document. I'm glad you took the time to do that.

Kara said...

This is very sweet. Our oldest went on and on very similarly to this when she was young. Sadly, I never documented any of her ramblings. Now, she's almost 12 and she goes on and on and on about big girl things. Sometimes they are just about as silly, though. I'm happy she feels she can go on and on about whatever and know I am listening (mostly). When important things come up she knows I am interested in her life and she searches me out. That, I LOVE.

jessica said...

I loved this post. I love those random conversations I've had with my kids. Maya's were cute, but Eden's were HILARIOUS! Much like Kawena's.

Scott-n-Allison said...

It's amazing what goes on in their little minds...thank goodness for quiet moments so that we can really listen to them!

She is so cute...

Tonya said...

That is quite the conversation! It really seems impossible that she could be saying so much- so crazy how fast they grow up! What a nice Momma to actually get up and give her the circle crackers. I would have to be in a really good mood. Well, I really do need to go clean my toe-let.

Danielle said...

So cute!! She will be your daughter that comes home from all her fun "teenager" excursions and will love talking to mom about them!!
Cole does the same thing when we have conversations--I think it's the fact that he has stored it all up, and now he knows how to use all these words, so they all come out at once.

Melissa-Mc said...

Isn't it nice that with some kids, we never have to wonder what's going on inside their little minds.

Ashley said...

So so sweet! I love it!

hoalawman said...

Sounds like "talk story" is in the genes.

Lauren in GA said...

That was so awesome!! She is so adorable. I love posts like this...hearing how she was, "stauy-ving" and how excited she is to be able to clean, "toe-lets" one day.