Sunday, December 07, 2008

little miss polite copycat

kawena copycat

it seems that we have a little copycat on our hands! and some of the things that come out of her mouth seem way too old for a two year old to be saying!! i catch her all the time observing her sisters and mimicking their actions.


for example:

kale'a and kawena were eating lunch when kale'a looks out the window at something in the front yard and says, "what the...?"

immediately, kawena gets down out of her chair, climbs up on the stool in front of the window, peers outside in the direction kale'a is looking and says, "what theeee.... heck?!"


kawena was playing on the leapster the other day. she had the clifford cartridge in. she was helping jedda "draw" pictures. after one of the pictures jedda says, "nice work you were truly inspirational!"  to which kawena said, "in-spur-a-scholl!"  as she tilted her head backward and laughed. then she said it again, "in-spur-a-scholl!" i was shocked that that big word came out of my little girls mouth!


everyday and night after i tuck her into bed i blow her several kisses, she does the same. i say, "i love you!" she says, "i luhd you!" i say, "see you after your nap!" she says, "see af-fur nap!" i say, "sleep tight!" she says, "seep tight!" and as i close the door behind me i'm always smiling because it's just so stinkin' cute!


we were eating crackers and yogurt the other day when nani took a cracker and dropped it into her yogurt. she then proceeds to smash it into pieces with her spoon. as soon as i saw her do it i thought, "oh great! now kawena's going to do it and i'm going to have a mess to clean up!" sure enough, i soon have two daughters with crackers in their yogurt mashing away!

i was rushing to get the girls in the car so we could pick lala up from  preschool. i was getting juice for kawena. i poured the water in her cup (we never give full strength juice to our girls) and realized there was no juice made up and said, "oh, shoot!" from behind me i hear, "oh, sout!" from kawena and i just started to laugh!


not only does she copy the things  that others say, but i am constantly amazed at how polite our littlest miss is. in fact, of all three of our girls she is BY FAR  the most polite. any little thing that i do for her she says "dank you!" i don't know where she got this! i am constantly saying to her two older sisters, "what do you say girls? or "can you tell them thank you?" but not our littlest!

  • i put on her shoes and she says, "dank you mommie!"
  • i peel an orange and hand it to her and she says, "dank you mommie!
  • she hands me something that i dropped on the floor, which is not as easy for me to pick up as it used to be, and i say, "thank you sweetheart!" and she says, "you wel-cum!"
  • she hands me a fruit snack and says, "mommie, i want dis open peas?!" i open it and hand it to her and she says, "dank you!" as she runs to the trash can to throw away her trash (without me asking her to!)
  • when one of her sisters does something that hurts her, i tell them to say sorry to kawena and give her a hug and kiss. in almost every instance, kawena will be the first one to pipe up through her tears and say, "sorry lala!" or "sorry nani!" and give THEM a kiss and hug!

these are just a few examples, but she seriously is just like that...polite! and it just melts my mommie heart!



Melissa-Mc said...

How cute! I was laughing at your post because Chase does the same thing. When he drops something he yells, "Oh, soot." On the way to church this morning he said, "Oh my heck."

Good thing we are not blasphemers :)

Sarah said...

What a sweet spirit she has! What a blessing to your home!! I love all the polite stores best!!

Lauren in GA said...

She is so adorable!! I know it must sound so cute hearing her say all of those adorable things!!

ericandjanine said...

SO SO cute! She IS growing up WAY too fast. Caleb didn't speak for so long and all of a sudden started speaking in full 5 and 6 word sentences. He was fooling everyone!

Bridget said...

SHe is so darn cute!

CJ said...

That sounds a lot like my little Charlie. I have no idea where he got it, but he is so sweet and polite and grateful all the time. I hope it lasts and doesn't slowly disappear after he starts school next fall...

She's adorable!

jessica said...

Sooo precious! I love your new festive background and I loved your anniversary post. You were a beautiful bride...still are.

Ilene said...

Um, I didn't read a word you wrote because of that cute cute picture at the top of your post.

Next time post her sweet face at teh bottom :)

Mandy said...

I can just hear her sweet little voice saying all those things. She is so stinkin cute!!

Amanda D said...

She is just so cute! I hope she stays polite. My three year old repeats everything his older brother and sister say too, but I'm not usually very happy about it!

Chelle said...

dank you for the post, very sweet.

tutu lady said...

Oh, I love those girls, What a sweetie Kawena is! All of em are so, so cute. See ya'll in 2 weeks.

Becca said...

Yes, in fact the trees in Texas are shipped from Oregon. They are all over the place with big ole' signs that says OREGON TREES! But you can't always find a nobel and I am kind of a nobel snob.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, that adorable little girl! Give her a kiss from Bish! And happy, happy anniversary!