Tuesday, April 01, 2008

blonde comments

lala: "mommie, if some people go running with you this morning, i think they are really going to like your blonde hair!"
*except for the fact that i am purposely wearing a cap to conceal it! other than that, yeah, i'm sure they'll love it!


mitch called me this morning and this is what i heard when i answered the phone: "hello? hello? is mahina there?"
me (a little weary): "it's me!"
mitch: "oh, i didn't recognize you with your blonde hair!"
*(thick sarcasm) hardy har har! except you can't see my blonde hair through the phone, hon!


lala: "mommie, why could we go to your activity a long, long time ago when your hair wasn't blonde?"
*i'm just trying to figure out how my blonde hair even entered into this conversation


lala mentioned something about my blonde hair and i told her that it wouldn't be blonde tomorrow:
lala: mommie, why isn't your hair going to be blonde tomorrow?"
me: "because i am going back tonight to get it fixed!"
lala: "well, then why did you get it colored??!"
*a very good question! i've been wondering the same thing!


i called mitch on my way home from getting my hair re-done tonight:
me: "hi!"
mitch: "hey how are you?"
me: "oh, so you recognize me now?"
*thank goodness for that!


elizabeth: "i can't call you blondie any more! i'll just call you streaker!"
*hmmmm, don't know if that's much better!


Darilyn said...

How did the redo turn out?

Malia said...

love the comments! wanna see pictures! better post tomorrow! and by tomorrow I mean today by the time you read this!

Amanda said...

Your husband cracks me up! I hope you like the re-do. I think highlights would look good if there wasn't quite so much. Good luck!

Erika said...

I want to see re-do pictures.
And I'm all for the chopping, you should donate the cut part to Locks-of-Love. :-)

Melissa-Mc said...

I've actually gone darker, so for a about 1/2 a day, you were actually blonder than me. :)

Don said...

A few years ago, I was tired of my thinning hair decided to give myself a buzz. It didn't turn out all that well, and ended as a complete cue-ball shave. (It didn't look too bad, but man was it cold!)

My niece, knowing a bit about my wife's health challenges, asked my sister "Did Uncle Don shave his hair because Auntie Kara is allergic to it?"

I guess changing hair can really throw some people off.

Michal said...

it is hilarious how obsessed the whole family was with your blonde! i want to see the redo photos, too. now what will you guys have to talk about?:)

Elizabeth said...

Stuh-reaker! Seriously, it looks great! Better post some photos so everyone can see how great you look!

Mandy said...

Mitch is too funny! Love all the comments cant wait to see pics of the redo!

Danielle said...

sorry to hear you weren't crazy about the blonde.

a few years back i tried to go darker, and someone asked me "did you do that to your hair on purpose?" granted it was a man that asked me that (not my husband, he's too smart to say that.) but in the end, I went back to being my sandy blonde self.

tutu lady said...

Wow, that was a short run of Blond for our family. Well now you know what it's like. You didn't like it. Blonds don't have more fun?

Tonya said...

I love the comment from Mitch that he didn't reconize you with your blonde hair through the phone! That totally made me laugh:0) I hope they fixed it for free! Once, when the Dixie Chics were cool I decided I loved the really blonde girls hair, so I did that to my hair. SCARY! The re-do about broke the bank, but my image was spared!

Becca said...

What happened, did you want to be blonde and then decided you hated it or were you never supposed to be blonde in the first place?

Katie Smith said...

Don't you just HATE it when you have a hairdo you don't like. It's so miserable. Hopefully the redo makes you feel better.

Flyin' Hawaiian said...

i think you should go pink!

Bridget said...

I forgot to have you take your hat off this morning so I could see your hair. Hopefully you are happy with it now. I know the feeling of being so upset about a hair color. Your hair is beautiful though so it seems like it would be pretty hard to mess up really bad.

Teresa said...

So, did you have to pay for it again? hehe... Well, at least now you know how you feel about the blond. I do think that you look better with dark hair. It's just very flattering on you. Other colors are fun too though!! I love you with long dark hair. I remember when I met you, you had really short hair;-) It's been a while! That would be neat if you did donate it, if you chop it.

Jesse said...

Thank you for having the picture and having had blonde hair. I luiaghed and laughed!