Thursday, February 07, 2008

are you wearing make-up again?!

this is my "make-up wearing" daughter's eye yesterday morning,
one might think she got into the make-up again, i know at first glance that's what i thought it was. sadly enough that is not what happened!

i am the 8 and 9 year old girls activity day leader at church. on tuesday darilyn and stephanie planned a wonderful activity on baby sitting! i thought it was such an awesome activity and i know that the girls really enjoyed it!

halfway through the activity the girls were split into 2 groups. one group went to the kitchen with stephanie to learn to make some great babysitting snacks, while the other group went into the gym to "practice" babysitting. my three girls, along with jaxon, were the ones being "babysat", while darilyn and i watched from the sidelines!

the girls were having a blast, both my girls and the activity day girls! when it was time to switch, i guess lala was running after one of the girls that was leaving (i didn't see what happened, i just heard the aftermath) and she ran face first into the door.

she was pretty shaken up and didn't play with the the second group of girls, but just wanted to sit on my lap and cry. the poor, sad girl!

as much as i wish it had been make-up, this time, it was actually a black eye. or as lala corrected me yesterday, "no it's a purple eye!"

if you look closely, you can see exactly where she hit the door. from the red bump in her eyebrow down to the red line on her cheek, it is a perfect line made from her impact with the door!

while i was trying to get a picture of her eye, lala had a difficult time with closing her eye and not scrunching it up, thus making it impossible to see the "purple" eye. i kept telling her what i needed her to do, but she just couldn't get it! so, finally i had to take a picture in order to show her what she was doing wrong and why it wasn't working for me. after seeing this photo she understood!

then she figured it out!


Pineapple Princess said...

Aren't digital cameras the most awesome thing?! You just found one more way that makes them even more awesome!

Love Izzy.

Feeling like a spam musubi. Found a lower calorie version. Still yummy.

Adding you to my google reader today so I won't miss stuff.

Over and out.

Merilee said...

Oh, poor LaLa. That makes my stomach turn just to think of it. I hope she's feeling better.

Katie Smith said...

Owie! Poor Lala. When I saw the first picture I was assuming it was make-up and I thought, "wow, that girl is seriously good and putting make-up on. I can't even get eye shadow to go on that perfectly."

Elizabeth said...

I thought it was eye makeup, too! Glad she wasn't seriously hurt, although it looks painful! Lala is a trooper!

Michal said...

poor baby. i hate it when my kids get injured (which seems to be frequently.)hope she's back to made-up purple eyelids soon!:)

Bridget said...

I noticed that this morning in the car. I knew right off that was a bruise not makeup. I know because I've seen Lala's eye makeup. :) When she was here on Tuesday I think it took her about 15 minutes before she was in the makeup drawer. She is so darn cute.

Malia said...

Awww... poor lala but now she looks like the real "tough girl" that she is...dont mess! Hope she feels better. It reminds me of the picture of you and me on the fridge at mom and dads with my reddish purpleish eye from polo.

Mandy said...

that is so sad! I bet it hurt. She is one tough chick!

Pineapple Princess said...

Just had another thought about lala's eye----she can do a great "stink eye" with that!

brenda said...

It's too pretty to be a 4-year old's makeup job.

You'll have to tell us which group of girls NOT to have babysit. J/K

tutu lady said...

Oh, Lala, Tutu wants to kiss it better. Love you! It looks quite pretty now.

Becca said...

Ouch! Poor thing! We haven't had a black eye at our house yet. I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

Danielle said...

owww, that does look like it hurt. and what cute pics of her "trying" to show it to you.

ashley said...

hey mahina! thanks for commenting! i know luke looks at your blog every once in a while to catch up and see how you guys are, guess i should come out of lurking for him! ha ha
your girls are so cute! enjoy that snow! yuck!
i just left a comment for you sister too.

Darilyn said...

Yes, this was so sad to see happen. It's one of those moments when you try to reach out and stop them because you know what is going to happen and there is just no way you can make it in time. OW!