Saturday, January 21, 2012

jan 15 – jan 17 (project 365)

jan 15 (sunday)


as i was writing my last post i was breathing this:


f/2.8, 1/40, iso 640, 24-70 f/2.8, manual


mitch, along with nani and kale’a made a loaf of whole wheat bread, and two loafs of macaroni grill bread!  the house was full of delicious smells!  we call the macoroni bread “mitch’s special bread” and it is amazing!  ask anyone who has tried it!!


jan 16 (monday)


f/2.8, 1/30, iso 640, 24-70 f/2.8, manual


kawena and mae mae started swim lessons on monday.  this was their first swim lesson with the new swim school.  this is kawena doing her back float with the noodle to get ready for the back float without the noodle.  she is doing awesome!!  i don’t know how to get a good picture in this condition! everything looked very blue.  this was the best i could get. anyone know how to get it right without a flash? malia?


jan 17 (tuesday)


f/2.8, 1/30, iso 200, 24-70 f/2.8, manual


i may be biased, but this is one beautiful girl!!  i think this is my new favorite picture!  i love the natural smile, as opposed to the “fake” one i get so often with my kids!  i took this is our front room with natural light coming in the front window.  she, of course ,was wearing her ballet outfit and dancing around the room with mae mae to music from the keyboard!  it is a favorite thing for our girls to do… dress up and dance!


i LOVE this shot of my pretty kawena!

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Grace said...

your pictures are beautiful! i can't get over how grown up looking Kawena has become. by the way, do you think you could post Mitch's recipe for macaroni grill bread? that stuff is good