Sunday, January 15, 2012

jan 8 – jan11 (project 365)

this week has been a pretty good week, as far as this project goes.  i am getting better at remembering to get the camera out.  i am becoming more familiar with the settings on my camera, which is exciting for me!  i am remembering to check my iso!  i am beginning to use this project to chronicle some of the mundane, some of the traditions, some of the daily hum drum of life.  i even used this project to motivate my children to clean their room this week (check jan 13, friday)!  who knew?!  so, some of the pictures might be a bit “boring”, but this is all about the photography experience!


jan 8 (sunday)


f/2.8, shutter 1/20, iso 400, lens 24-70 f/2.8, manual


we have a fast sunday tradition in our family.  each fast sunday we have breakfast for dinner.  last sunday was fast sunday and for dinner we had sticky buns, eggs, bacon, and breakfast potatoes. oh, and we can’t forget the fresh fruit smoothies!  YUM!  fast sunday’s seem to be a family favorite for dinner. in fact, it is one of the few nights when there isn’t a complaint mumbled from the lips of any of my children!!  hmmm, maybe we should have breakfast for dinner every night!!


jan 9 (monday)


f/2.8, shutter 1/15, iso 400, lens 24-70 f/2.8, manual


have i ever told you what awesome manners our kids have?  no? well, probably because they don’t!  this is mae mae eating her spaghetti on monday night. i actually didn’t grab my camera fast enough!  if i had ,you would have seen her head tilted back, her big hand of spaghetti perched high above her mouth, dropping noodles in!!  but because the camera wasn’t sitting next to me at that moment, this is what i captured!


jan 10 (tuesday)

Jan10f/2.8, 1/15, iso 400, lens 24-70 f/2.8, manual


i find the boys giggling and babbling in this spot several times a day. it seems to be a favorite spot for them.  there is a treadmill below this window which makes it the perfect height for them to be able to look out.  i don’t know what they find so fascinating about this spot, but it sure is fun to hear them playing and laughing together as they stand there together!


i got several pictures this day of the kids.  i will share one more cute one of the boys:


f/2.8, 1/25, iso 200, lens 24-70 f/2.8, manual

maui is in front and kaio is standing in back (for those who don’t know which is which!)


these boys L.O.V.E. to play in laundry baskets!  it’s another “favorite place!  sometimes i walk into the room and maui is just sitting in a laundry basket smiling! no toys, no books, nothing… just him sitting in the basket smiling! it cracks me up!  when both of the boys are playing in it together it is hilarious to watch them climb in and sit there together. then they will tip it over and coming spilling out!  i love that these boys love each other and are best buds!


jan 11 (wednesday)

Jan11 f/2.8, 1/15, iso 400, lens 24-70 f/2.8, manual


this was maui thursday morning, cursted snot under his nose from his cold, tear coming from his crying eyes that are begging me to pick him up and feed him!  such a sad boy!


we have a room in our house that is two steps lower then the other rooms on the first floor.  a couple months back the boys were driving me crazy with how suddenly mobile they became.  we had a gate in front of the stairs to the second floor, but they figured out how to weasel their way onto the stairs, despite the gate.  with the gate at the bottom of the stairs it only kept them from going upstairs, sort of, but they still had access to the kitchen and ALL the cabinets.  my life was NOT fun!  i spent most of my day trying to keep them from careening to their death onto the tile floor at the bottom of the stairs or pulling big, heavy pots on themselves.


until my brilliant husband had a great idea!! he put the gate at the entrance to the family room which has the 2 steps down!  ever since that day my life has gotten SOOOO much better!  i toss the boys in their “cage”, as i lovingly call it, and they have a whole room to play in.  their toys were already in that room, so it is perfect!!  however, they are beginning to catch on and sometimes are not exactly happy to be in the “cage”, but at least i know they are safe!  most of the time they DO love it!


this photo just happens to be one of the times when they DIDN’T love it!  kaio was somewhere sprawled on the floor equally as sad!



that’s all i have time for right now.  i will finish the rest of the week tomorrow!  i am off to bed!


hoalawman said...

The back end of the pair looking out the window is a winner. Keep 'em coming. Rich

Mandy said...

I love that you are back blogging and taking pictures. Its so fun to see your cute family and how much the boys have grown! LOVE IT!