Sunday, February 26, 2012

week 3: playing catch up…jan 18 –21 (project 365)

so, i have been really bad about posting pics from my project, but i HAVE been taking pictures everyday!  so, here is the beginning of my backlog posts:


jan 18 (wednesday)



this was one of those, “ahhh, i haven’t taken a picture yet” days. when i saw nani making dinner i thought, i had better capture this moment because it doesn’t happen very often!!  haha!  it was late in the day and indoors, so the lighting was bad. i think it is too orange.


jan 19 (thursday)



we were walking to the school science fair when i snapped this shot.  the sun was going down.  the girls went out in front of me so i could capture a shot of them together.  i am always amazed when i see nani standing next to kale’a because it emphasizes the huge height difference… nani is so tall and kale’a is so short for their respective ages.  i like the leading lines. i think it is underexposed.


jan 20 (friday)



this was another late night photo because i forgot to take a picture! haha!  mae mae had lined up these cars on the half wall between our kitchen and family room!  i thought it was cute and a great exercise in depth of field!  white balance is orange again.


jan 21 (saturday)



this was at polar ice after kale’a’s ice skating lesson.  not the best picture, i know, but it was one of a few pictures i took that day.  this was taken with my canon point and shoot with the flash, obviously, since the reflective material on their coats are illuminated!!


i will post more as i have time this week…

note:  these were all taken with the 24-70 f/2.8, with the exception of the last one.

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Rachelle said...

I've been wondering where you (and your pictures) went. Glad to see the kids again - would love to see more shots of you and Mitch too.