Sunday, February 26, 2012

week 5: jan 29 – feb 4 (projest 365)

jan 29 (sunday)


these boys look so smart in their sunday slacks, red tie, and blazer (thanks darbie and barbmom)!


kai kai is getting really good at walking down the stairs! maui is just barely getting good at walking!  it is funny how different these two are!  maui is always a bit behind his brother when it comes to milestones.  kai kai has been walking since his 1st birthday back in november and it took maui another 2 months before he started walking.  maui just seems content to let his brother do things first and he will just sit back and watch him!




jan 30 (monday)


kawena was taking pictures with my point and shoot after scripture study when i realized i hadn’t taken a picture yet.  so, i grabbed her and snapped a self photo of us! 


jan 31 (tuesday)


for her birthday, mae mae got this water table… it was the best purchase!  she loves this table and will play with it for hours almost daily!  this photo was taken in the late afternoon at the time which is after naps and just before dinner.  it was starting to cool off so these boys were shivering in their nakedness, but it didn’t stop them from having fun!!  they were loving the water table and splashing together!!  by the time we brought them in their lips were turning blue and they were shivering, but they were lovin’ it!!


feb 1 (wednesday)


as i was about to go to bed i realized, again, “oh shoot!  i haven’t taken a picture!”  so, i grabbed the camera a took a picture of my workout set up!  this is where i bodyrock every morning at 6:00 a.m.  i kinda like the lighting in this coming in from the side!  it cast some cool shadows and contrast.


feb 2 (thursday)


kawena is super photogenic, i think!  she has such beautiful, clear eyes, full, pink lips, and soft, smooth skin!  she is usually pretty easy to photograph and willing to be photographed!  i love her eyes in this one!


feb 3 (friday)


love the bubbles maui was blowing in this one!  you will notice that i tend to take a lot of pictures of the boys while they are sitting in their highchairs.  there are several reasons for this;  1) they can’t move very much because they are strapped into their chairs, 2) they will actually look at me and be still long enough for me to snap a few photos, 3) their chairs are sitting right next to the big sliding glass door to the backyard, which means the lighting is usually very good, 4) i like to take pictures of their messy faces!!


feb 4 (saturday)


mitch and i had gone out on a date this night.  when we got home all of the kids were in bed.  then we heard kawena’s door open slowly and she came out.  she had fallen asleep earlier that day which always means she will be up late, unable to get to sleep.  in true kawena fashion she said she was hungry and that she wanted a bowl of cereal (i blame mitch for this).  of course, i hadn’t taken a picture, yet, that day, so i took one of her just as she finished her bowl of cereal.  


this week i started playing around with different editing and actions.  i am hoping that i will be able to find some different editing options that will become my “signature” look in the future.


note:  all photos were taken with the 24-70 f/2.8, unless indicated.

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